R-Studio for Mac 7.3.191246

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R-Studio for Mac 7.3.191246

Post by R-tt Team » Wed Sep 27, 2023 1:07 pm

A new build of R-Studio for Mac is available for download.
New features
+ Support for the ReFS 3.10 file system.
+ Support for Bitlocker Drive Encryption. R-Studio can decrypt both BitLocker Drive Encryption and BitLocker ToGo volumes using either a password, recovery key, and a .bek file. R-Studio Technician/T80+ can also use FVEK (Full Volume Encryption Key) or VMK (Volume Master Key) data for decryption.
+ Support for VHD/VHDX/VDI disk image formats. All R-Studio versions can load these files, R-Studio Corporate and Technician/T80+ can create them.
+ Read-only support for the dmg files (Apple Disk Image: all versions ), e01/(ewf) files (Expert Witness File Format: R-Studio Technician/T80+), and aff files (Advanced Forensic Format: R-Studio Technician/T80+).
+ Support for creation of encrypted RDR image files (the main disk image format for all R-TT, Inc products).
+ Support for SCSI/NVME translation for external USB/NVME boxes. Among other things this makes it possible to obtain S.M.A.R.T. attributes for such devices.

* NTFS deduplication processing has been improved.
* Passwords can be shown in their dialog boxes.
* It's now possible to mark/unmark empty folders through Find/Mark dialog box using the Mark All/Unmark All command.
* R-Studio now shows multi-pass imaging statistics after the imaging process is completed.
* All data from the Properties tab can be copied in one command.

R-Studio Technician/T80+
* Multi-pass Imaging Phases can be enabled/disabled on-the-fly.
* Symlinks can be exported to custom recovery lists either as real folders or as symlinks.
* Search for files has been added to the HTML custom recovery lists.

= New icons for storage devices.

- The program might have crashed when showing unicode symbols in the upper range (greater than FFFF) like Chinese symbols, emoji, etc. Fixed.
- The program may have frozen rarely while opening ext fs partitions. Fixed.
- R-Studio couldn't correctly load multi-file images if their parts are located in different places. Fixed
- R-Studio may have aborted data recovery when the Skip button was clicked under some rare circumstances. Fixed.
- Files with the question mark "?" in their names could not be saved to files recovery lists. Fixed.
- Bad sectors weren't saved to mask presets. Fixed.
- A progress bar may have rarely crashed under specific circumstances: closing dialog box and showing a warning message at the same time. Fixed.
- Sometimes, the device root wasn't marked as Root which led to problems in moving around files. Fixed.
- Folder-links may have been marked incorrectly when a recovery lists with file IDs was loaded. Fixed.
- Moving around links to folders which are actually files may have been incorrect. Fixed.
- Several bugs connected with symlink processing on UNIX file systems have been fixed.
- Detection of cyclic symlinks may have been incorrect. Fixed.
- Some cosmetic and minor internal bugs have been fixes.