R-Studio Technician Feature Requests

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Re: R-Studio Technician Feature Requests

Post by Data-Medics » Wed Nov 02, 2016 9:48 am

shinobiyan wrote:Agree for Data-Medics ,to be continue feature requests in Technician version

1.Linux FS:BtrFS, Oracle/SUN/NAS:ZFS, Vmware esxi FS:VMFS, Android NandFlash FS:YAFFS,F2FS, IBM HP Small Computer System FS:JFS2,VxFS(Veritas), EMC Isilon NAS:OneFS,Apple XSAN:StornextFS
2.Virtual Storage(aka:Dell EqualLogic PS series,HP EVA series,IBM Storwize family)
3.The driver layer Image mount (dd/dsk/img,rdr,VHDX,vmdk,vdi,e01),and iscsi LAN Mapping.
4.Hyper-V,Vmware Virtual Machine Base system with Snapshot merge recovery feature.
5.key File Carver Plug-in unit feature(aka Database,Video files:DBF,MDF,AVI,MP4),can be in Oracle ASM, raw device.

R-Drive Image feature requests

1.Startup version fast support new Macbook MacbookPro & new MS Surface Can be Boot Acquisition disk image.
2.support thunderbolt3.
3.support Generate e01 image for more than 2TB ,and HASH verify.
4.The driver layer Image mount (dd/dsk/img,rdr,VHDX,vmdk,vdi,e01),and iscsi LAN Mapping.
5.support non standard sector disk (aka 520 522 528 byte per sector disk ).

The future is now @ALT for developers
Wow, you're really asking for a lot. I was trying to keep my requests within reasonable expectations. I doubt they'll ever support EMC, especially now that Dell has bought them and will probably kill their Unix architecture going forward.

Support for VMFS would be nice though. I'll add that to my list above.

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Re: R-Studio Technician Feature Requests

Post by Alt » Wed Nov 02, 2016 9:49 am

Thanks all for the suggestions! I've passed them to our developers.

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