Is there a plan to add fragment recovery?

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Is there a plan to add fragment recovery?

Post by c1400700226 » Thu Apr 06, 2017 8:59 pm

I accidently formatted my SD card on my Canon DSLR some days ago, and I have made an RAW image using R-Studio.

But there are some MOV videos recorded on this camera. I tried many software and they are all can not recovery fragment files.

Only a few software provide fragment MOV/MP4 recovery, but they are all too expensive and hard to use.

So, when will R-Studio add fragment file recovery? At least support MOV/MP4 is enough to me now.

BTW, I have turn the switch on the SD card to read only, but I found Windows10 still wrote System Volume Infomation on the card(FS is exFAT). W T F = =