R-Wipe&Clean 11.1 Build 1995

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R-Wipe&Clean 11.1 Build 1995

Post by R-tt Team » Wed Nov 04, 2015 1:57 pm

A new version of R-Wipe & Clean is available for download.
New features:
+ The Typed URLs item is added to the Internet (Microsoft Edge) section.
+ Three new items are added to the System section: Component-Based Servicing Log, Deployment Image Service and Management Log, Startup File Renaming Log.
+ Four new items are added to the Setup Logs tab: Delta Package Expander Setup Log Files, Driver Package Installer Logs, Local Security Authority Setup Log Files, Setup Cleanup Task Log Files.
+ The Swap file can be wiped and cleaned for Metro/Universal applications.

* For Windows 10, display and cleaning/wiping are improved for the following items:
in the User section: Stored File Types and Stored Program Identifiers;
in the Built-in Accounts section: Local System's Cached File Extensions;
in the System section: Stored Locations of Removed Applications with configured Elevation Policy on the System Registry Traces tab, Stored COM Class Identifiers, and Stored COM Interface Identifiers.

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