Raid 0 Data Recovery

Discussions on using the professional data recovery program R-STUDIO for RAID re-construction, NAS recovery, and recovery of various disk and volume managers: Windows storage spaces, Apple volumes, and Linux Logical Volume Manager.
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Re: Raid 0 Data Recovery

Post by Araeven » Sun Jul 31, 2011 1:02 am

I agree those values are completely abusurd, however that is how R-studio shows them.
Alt wrote: From what I see on the picture, strip (block size are incorrect)
That got me thinking. I tried the settings again and it worked... :shock: guess I had forgotten to change the default strip size last time again. *face bashing on desk* :roll:
It worked!! Everything shows up
Thank you so much! I had already given up hope xD
Seems all of my pictures, doc's and music are still in perfect shape.
The Movies/Series seem to be in good shape as well, although I'm unable to check them all in a timely fashion. This is far better than I expected!

Now to prepare to recover everything. :D

Thank you again for all the help along the way. You always asked the right question or had the right answer.

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