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R-Studio for Linux 5.0.5007

Post by R-tt Team » Fri Apr 29, 2022 11:53 am

A new version of R-Studio for Linux is available for download.
New Features:
+ Support for the ReFS 3.7 file system (Windows Server 2022).
+ Several file systems (the main and several reformatted ones) can now be found on one partition, if their traces remain in the boot records.
+ Several disk objects can be opened in one tab. All these objects can be simultaneously searched for files, their files can be marked and recovered.
+ Drive imaging can be interrupted and then resumed. When the user stops an imaging process, they have two options: to discard an already created partial image file or to save it to resume drive imaging later. Created partial images can be loaded, too.
+ Support for the VMDK virtual disk format (open: all version, creation: Technician).
+ Some extended options have been added to the drive operation progress windows. They can be altered on-the-fly.
+ File types can be searched for on the Known File Types dialog box.

R-Studio Technician:
+ A new license type T80+. R-Studio T80+ is equal in its features to full-fledged R-Studio Technician, runs for a certain period of time, and during its validity period can be upgraded to R-Studio Technician for the initial price difference. The license price of 1 USD per day is very affordable for small businesses, computer repair shops, and individual data recovery contractors.
+ R-Studio Technician is now available on our public web pages and can be tested in the Demo mode.
+ Runtime imaging. R-Studio creates drive images in parallel with other drive reading operations. Next time when R-Studio accesses data from imaged drive areas it gets the data from the runtime image.
+ Multi-pass imaging. Images from problematic drives can be created through several phases reading data from good areas first and from bad and slow areas later. Such approach allows for extracting maximum possible amount of data even from quite faulty drives.
+ Support for sector maps, both in the R-Studio's format and in the third-party software ddrescue and HDDSuperClone formats.
+ I/O Monitor allows the user to inspect read/write operations in real time.

* The ISO image file type has been added to the File Types list.
* Estimation of recovery chances has been improved.
* When a user opens an already opened partition it brings the user to the corresponding tab.
* Option processing for the Find/Mark dialog box has been improved.
* Execution of the Save All File Names / Load File Names commands has been accelerated.
* File type icons have been added to the Find Results (Find All Files) panel.
* A warning message appears when the user tries to close tabs with open disks/partitions.
* The recovered part of a file will remain when the recovery process has been interrupted.
* Message display in the Log View panels has been improved.
* File System error message codes are expanded for deletion/move errors.
* R-Studio shows now S.M.A.R.T. attributes for NVME SSD devices.
* Detection of S.M.A.R.T. attributes have been improved for new hard drive modes.
* Detection of Disk identity parameters (Vendor name, Product name, Firmware version, Serial number) has been improved.
* Processing of the .Trash folder has been improved for macOS file systems.
* Processing of encrypted APFS partitions has been improved.
* Support for macOS file vault has been improved.
* File system recognition has been improved for scanned APFS file system.
* APFS file systems and APFS Fusion Drives can be recognized on a pure hard drive without protective GPT partitions.
* Support for APFS sealed volumes created by macOS Big Sur and later.
* Symlink processing has been improved, including the Mark all and Unmark all commands.
* Read/write operations have been greatly accelerated for block RAIDs with small block sizes. E.g., the read speed for a 512b block has been increased from 5MB/sec to 100MB/sec.
* Read operations has been accelerated for block RAIDs by paralleling I/O operations for parent disks. E.g.,the read speed for a 3HD RAID5 has been increased from 100MB/sec to 190MB/sec.

- R-Studio Technician for Mac/Linux couldn't be re-registered into the T80+ version. Fixed
- Masked marked files were incorrectly counted. Fixed.
- Tabs may have closed without a due warning. Fixed.
- Deleted files were not marked with the red cross in the Find Results pane. Fixed.
- The Recover Marked button may have been inactive after marking files using the Find/Mark dialog box and when the Skip files with bad sectors option is selected on the Recover dialog box. Fixed.
- The Recover Marked shortcut menu item and button remained inactive when a file was marked for recovery in the Find Results pane. Fixed.
- When there was not enough room for a large file and a new destination was assigned, the leftover of the file left in the first place. Fixed.
- Recovery froze and could not be resumed if a file name and path appeared too long. Fixed.
- Recovery froze from the Extensions tab when the Restore folder structure and Restore from root options were selected on the Recovery dialog box. Fixed.
- It was possible to perform many Drag&Drop operations while performing various drive tasks. Fixed.
- The OK button was active when the Password field was empty on the Enter the password dialog box. Fixed.
- An RDR-type image could not be correctly removed from a virtual RAID. Fixed.
- RAID-connected tabs didn't close when the RAID parameters were altered. Fixed.
- A Virtual Block RAID object may have frozen when another RAID parent was added. Fixed.
- When the recover options Restore folder structure and Restore from root were selected, the original Modified and Accessed timestamps were changed to the time of file recovery. Fixed.
- The program may have crashed when connecting to a remote computer. Fixed.
- Symlinked folders remained marked when their target were unmarked. Fixed.
- Files from symlinked folders may have recovered to incorrect places. Fixed.
- The Advanced Scan dialog box may have shown the Scan area parameter incorrectly after second clicks on the Advanced button. Fixed.
- Strings on Properties panel were selected incorrectly. Fixed.
- The Find/Mark dialog box could not show all opened partitions correctly when they were many. Fixed.
- R-Studio showed files in renamed folders as deleted, although they were not. Fixed.
- R-Studio may freeze when opening a RAID created from disk images. Fixed.
- The Logical Sector Size parameters may have appeared twice on the IDE Properties tab. Fixed.
- R-Studio may have frozen when creating an image of a recognized partition. Fixed.
- Files didn't appear in the Find Results panel after they were unmasked if file sorting tabs were switched.
- R-Studio may not have found a file by its exact size. Fixed.
- FAT cross-linked folders may have been processed incorrectly. Fixed.
- Zero-sized files could be viewed in the built-in Text/Hexadecimal Editor and file previewer. Fixed.
- The FAT32 bitlocker to go couldn't be recognized. Fixed.
- An image file from a remote computer could not be saved to either the remote computer or local one. Fixed.
- S.M.A.R.T. for Intel NVME devices may have been displayed incorrectly. Fixed.
- The rdr image for an APFS container couldn't be parsed automatically and required refreshing. Fixed.
- R-Studio may have crashed while enumerating files on APFS file systems. Fixed.
- Metadata FS snapshot for a recognized APFS file system could not be saved. Fixed.
- An empty string appeared in the Drive type field in the Properties tab for an APFS volume. Fixed. R-Studio shows the "APFS Volume" string now.
- An image could not be created for a drive on a remote computer connected using R-Studio Agent. Fixed.
- The program may have gone into a loop and frozen at the last stage of partition recognition. Fixed.
- The program may sometimes have frozen when recognizing the file system. Fixed.
- When a partition without a file system on a MBR disk was formatted, the partition divided into a not-equal volume and partition. The were shown as two different objects. Fixed.
- When R-Studio found a direct volume on a flash drive, it didn't search for deleted partitions. Fixed.
- Sometimes R-Studio may have assembled non-conventional APFS Fusion drives incorrectly. Fixed.
- Many cosmetic, wrong messages, and localization bugs have been fixed.

Technician version:
- Objects could not be opened in the Hexadecimal editor from DDI drive map files. Fixed.

Text/hexadecimal editor:
- An unnecessary inquiry about overwriting a file after executing the Tools - Save to Binary File... or Save to Hexadecimal file command may have appeared. Fixed.

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