R-Studio for Mac 5.0.3663

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R-Studio for Mac 5.0.3663

Post by R-tt Team » Fri Mar 25, 2016 7:27 am

A new build of R-Studio for Mac is available for download.
* Enhanced exclusive region controls.

- Some folders might be lost during recovery of symlinked folders. Fixed.
- The hidden attributes message might appear during Extra Found Files recovery when the Restore folder structure and Restore from root options were enabled. Fixed.
- Selected Known File Types could be changed only from the Settings tabs.
- Changes in customer's known file types were not applied immediately. Fixed.
- Region parameters were edited and created incorrectly. Fixed.
- R-Studio might start disk scan even when no file system and no known file types were selected.
- The overall progress bar was not always be shown during data recovery. Fixed.
- Dialog boxes drop their values when the value changed from KB to GB
- R-Studio might crashed when saving RAID0 and RAID1E description files. Fixed.
- R-Studio might not load customer's RAID description files. Fixed.
- Parity settings might overwrite the number of rows. Fixed.
- Many cosmetic bugs were fixed.

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