WAV-Files rescued and saved as Alias-files

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WAV-Files rescued and saved as Alias-files

Post by Tonfelix » Sun Dec 08, 2019 4:16 pm


an encrypted APFS-drive just crashed under MacOs High Sierra. Since time is of the essence in this case, I decided to try to recover the files rather than creating an image (which for sure would be the more prudent thing to do, I know). Approx. 25% of the essential files that have not been backuped before could be restored, all WAV-files (actually Broadcast-Wave-files with WAV-ending), but a couple of them have been saved as Alias-files which actually aren't Alias files but rather WAV-files. I can tell because of their sizes (some of them are a couple of Megabytes) and because I can open them with TwistedWave. But I can't open them in ProTools which is my main Digital Workstation.
My question is: why does R-Studio save those files in the wrong format? Is it because they are corrupted? Or is it because they are Broadcast Wave and not simply Windows Wave? And most important: is there a way to tell R-Studio to handle files like that in a different way? Because I cant rename them and change them that way into working and ProTools-digestable Wave-files.

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Re: WAV-Files rescued and saved as Alias-files

Post by Alt » Mon Dec 09, 2019 7:02 am

Did you recover the problem files as raw (known file types) or from the file system?

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