R-Drive Image 6.3.6300

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R-Drive Image 6.3.6300

Post by R-tt Team » Thu Apr 09, 2020 3:14 pm

A new version of R-Drive Image is available for download.
New Features:
+ Support for the APFS file system has been added including the APFS Fusion Drive.
+ Automatic update of the device list for disk imaging/copying operations has been added.
+ Automatic update of the device list for boot / OEM media creation operations has been added.
+ When R-Drive Image runs out of available free space while creating an image, a new place can be specified, and the image will be split accordingly.
+ Task progress for running tasks is shown in the scheduled task list.
+ A tooltip shows detailed information on selected task in the scheduled task list.

* The Locked disk dialog box shows the list of processes and files that lock the disk.
* Linux kernel 5.4.11 is used in the startup version.

- R-Drive Image may have crashed when the last part of a multi-file image was selected and the Restore files or folders option was specified on the Restore Mode Selection panel. Fixed.
- Only the Mark All and Unmark All command were active on the right pane of the Select Files panel when folders and files were to be restored. The Mark and Unmark command were not active. Fixed.
- Strange object of 0B may have appeared on the target disk diagram when the raw method was used to restore the entire disk. Those objects disappeared after the Refresh command. Fixed.
- It may have been impossible to restore data from an image of a smaller disk to a larger disk. The Target partition/volume size is too big error message would appear. Fixed.
- The password may have been lost when the task was edited. Fixed.
- The -s=I: script command didn't make the partition active, although the script returned the successful result. Fixed.
- The entire disk could not be restored using the Realign partitions method. R-Drive Image returned the Specified volume size is too small error message when clicking the Next button on the Processing (Confirm operations) panel. Fixed.
- The minimum required partition size may have been calculated incorrectly. The Specified volume size is too small error message would appear if the new partition size was too close the the minimum possible. Fixed.
- If the paths to some image parts of a multi-part image were not specified, R-Drive Image showed that the user ignored some write errors, but the final message would be that Image restored successfully. Fixed.
- Files and folders may have been impossible to restore. When the files and folders were selected on the Select Files to Restore panel the Unable to prepare the operation error message was appeared upon clicking the Next button. Fixed.
- Only zeros were shown for the minimum and maximum partition sizes on the Restore / Copy Parameters panel. Fixed.
- When the Cancel button was clicked R-Drive Image continued performing its current operation until the Yes button was clicked on the Are you sure you want to stop current operation? dialog box. Fixed.
- R-Drive Image didn't immediately show many disk alterations performed outside the running program. They appeared only after clicking the Refresh button or program restart. Fixed.
- An encrypted bitlocker partition could not be successfully copied or restored. It couldn't open it from File Explorer, although R-Drive Image showed it as a successfully restored bitlocker partition. Fixed.
- Many internal and cosmetic bugs have been fixed.

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