CPU spike during scan & resulting scan save files

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CPU spike during scan & resulting scan save files

Post by drzraf » Thu Aug 27, 2020 9:08 am

I ran a scan of an ext4 2TB partition (I limited r-studio [demo] memory to 3.7 GB) and configured the scan to be saved in a file (scan1.scn),

After approx 11 h (at 80%) the CPU started heating (and fan running at full speed) while the progress stopped. scan1.scn was, at that moment, 520 MB (520420855).
In front of this [frustrating] situation I stopped the scan ("Stop" button) and got asked to save the scan-state to a file (again?) what created another `.scn` file, 13MB (13292293) in size.

The process fails to actually stop after (ongoing CPU spike) and I had to `kill` r-studio.
I strace'd to try to understand, but sadly I forgot to include children processes, so I only saw the readlink&openat of /dev/sd*', nvm*, dm-* + some writev/recvmsg belonging to the main thread.

Anyway, I now have these two files (identical up to the 58780 nth byte) and would like to resume the process in a safe way.
What could you advise?

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Re: CPU spike during scan & resulting scan save files

Post by Alt » Fri Aug 28, 2020 9:46 am

You may load both those files into R-Studio. It'll use data from the both files.
BTW, did you see something wrong with the disk? Any strange noise, clicks, etc? Maybe R-Studio threw some errors about disk read operations?

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