Recover file type/extension

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Recover file type/extension

Post by jdfraser » Fri Dec 04, 2020 12:56 am

Hi, I was hoping that someone could tell me if there is a way that R-Studio can detect the file type of recovered files.

I have successfully restored files from a dead drive but they are all named as .chk files. Most of the files are JPG and video files (i think) so I renamed them all to .jpg and was able to use the view as thumbnails option in Windows explorer to weed them out. I still have quite a few files that don't seem to be the .jpg format, or perhaps they are just corrupt.

I've notice within R-Studio File View window that some of the files I right-click on will let me preview them if they are audio or video files. If R-Studio is able to let me preview a these files as the correct file type, even if they are named with the wrong extension, I'm thinking that there should be away to have it auto-determine the file type for some types of files. Or perhaps a 3rd party tool might exist that can examine the files to determine the type.

Does anyone have an experience with this? Is there a way to do this within R-Studio, or perhaps some other piece of software that might help determine the file type?

Thanks for you help!

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Re: Recover file type/extension

Post by Alt » Mon Dec 07, 2020 6:15 pm

Files with the .chk extension are created by Windows program chkdsk that "repairs" corrupt file systems. Renaming them to any other extension will not do anything good.

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