Refine Search?

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Refine Search?

Post by curiouscustomer » Tue Feb 23, 2010 12:36 pm

I have the evaluation version of R-Studio.

I am scanning my hard drive which may been formatted and is in a condition where windows is unable to initialize the drive.
The scan has been going for about 63 hours and is about half way through.

Can I refine my search to only search for picture formats jpegs tiff etc in the Demo version?
If I can refine my search, if press stop and restart the scan, will I lose the 60+ hours that has already been scanned.

I would also like to ask, I woke up and tried to turn the computer on. I couldn’t even get the BIOS to load. Then when I took the hard drive out and put it on a USB windows did not recognize it. Do you know what could have caused this? R-Studio appears to finding files. Is this possible due to a virus or something else? Also there a some unrecognized blocks it looks like in the scan information, that can't be good can it?

Also can you please tell which is faster: USB to IDE or attaching it to the second connector as a slave directly on the IDE cable?

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Re: Refine Search?

Post by Alt » Wed Feb 24, 2010 6:00 am

Surely connecting a hard drive directly to an IDE controller is faster.
Most likely your hard drive is dying and can die at any moment. The best way in this situation is to go to data recovery professionals. They know how to work with malfunctioning drives. Well, that may be costly, but that may prevent a total and final data loss.
The second good practice is to create an image of the drive and perform all data recovery tasks on this image. See the on-line help for more details: ... index.html -> Data Recovery Using R-Studio -> Advanced Data Recovery -> Images. Please note the following: R-Studio can create images even in its Demo mode, and you'll need a place to store the image slightly larger than the size of the hard drive. Perhaps, a friend of yours can lend you a large hard drive for a while.
Scanning only for jpg files won't speed the process much, so I wouldn't recommend it. What I recommend though is to save the scan information and to perform scanning in parts. See the on-line help for more details: ... index.html -> Data Recovery Using R-Studio -> Advanced Data Recovery -> Disk Scan

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