Raid 10 question.

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Raid 10 question.

Post by pwnjuice » Thu Jul 08, 2021 3:36 pm

Someone gave me a nas to recover data off it. I have never used R-Studio for raid. I do not know the block size or anything. I pulled the drives and looked at each on with the hex editor i search for like sector 10000000 and compared all the drives and I found the 2 that match for each set. I created a virtual raid block and pair 2 of the different drives as a raid 0. I scan the new raid 0 for partitions and I get the main partition and i can see the folders in the root. When I get in a folder I am able to preview images but they all look corrupt. Some are intact my mostly corrupt.

What am I doing wrong or am I missing a step. Do I need to keep trying different block sizes?

Thanks in advanced.