R-Studio 8.17.180955

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R-Studio 8.17.180955

Post by R-tt Team » Fri Nov 26, 2021 12:50 pm

A new version of R-Studio is available for download.
New features:
+ Support for the VMDK virtual disk format (open: all version, creation: Technician).
+ Support for the ReFS 3.7 file system (Windows Server 2022).

* Support for APFS sealed volumes created by macOS Big Sur and later.
* Read/write operations have been greatly accelerated for block RAIDs with small block sizes. E.g., the read speed for a 512b block has been increased from 5MB/sec to 100MB/sec.
* Read operations has been accelerated for block RAIDs by paralleling I/O operations for parent disks. E.g.,the read speed for a 3HD RAID5 has been increased from 100MB/sec to 190MB/sec.
* File system recognition has been improved for scanned APFS file system.
* R-Studio warns the user when an APFS disk is hardware encrypted or its decryption is possible only by using the iCloud account.

- S.M.A.R.T. for Intel NVME devices may have been displayed incorrectly. Fixed.
- R-Studio Agent may have crashed while shutdown. Fixed.
- The rdr image for an APFS container couldn't be parsed automatically and required refreshing. Fixed.
- R-Studio may have crashed while enumerating files on APFS file systems. Fixed.
- Metadata FS snapshot for a recognized APFS file system could not be saved. Fixed.
- An empty string appeared in the Drive type field in the Properties tab for an APFS volume. Fixed. R-Studio shows the "APFS Volume" string now.
- The mount driver may have loaded incorrectly under Windows XP/2003. Fixed.
- An image could not be created for a drive on a remote computer connected using R-Studio Agent. Fixed.