confused as to what to do, no folder strucutre

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confused as to what to do, no folder strucutre

Post by clonea1 » Thu Mar 03, 2022 9:37 am

so i had a power outage and my REFS drive went 'raw' and it is version refs 3.7 and the refsutil only supports up to 3.5 (good job MS drooping that ball)

i just spent 30 hours scanning the drive and i have several thousand 'recognized' partitions for this one drive as well as the main drive showing as 'recognized' but when i go in it their is no folder structure their is only data classifications and i cant actually find my files. this drive was mainly used for about 25 TB of windows media center recordings (.wtv) as well as all my old DVD's and blu rays (.iso) when i search it doesnt find anything. but its found file types of things i would have never had

really have no clue what to do next