Task Image from files "No files found"

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Task Image from files "No files found"

Post by SteveL25417 » Thu Apr 07, 2022 8:13 am

R-Drive Image 7.0, Build 7002, Windows 11
I'm using the GUI and in "Task and Scripts" I set up a scheduled task to create an image from files. The source is a folder a mapped network drive. Destination is a removable drive connected via USB. During set up it tells me there are 7,703 files. When it executes I get the error "No files found." This happens if I right click then select "Execute now." If I allow it to run as scheduled, I get the same result. I disabled the anti-virus software (McAfee) and firewall and the result is the same.

If I use "Create image from files" it creates an image without any problems.

If the source is on the internal drive, there is no problem.

I am using this during the trial period but I doubt that has any effect. Wanted to try before I buy and this is not a good sign.

Script from the most recent attempt:
append /a /o -append-inc="true" -tid=mldgqwuhktx8eexjnk1624av -filelist="S:\666PHurricane" -bf -backupdir="S:\" -a="D:\Farmer\RDrive\S_6PH.rdr" -u -bs -bs-full-each="9"

Any suggestions?

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Re: Task Image from files "No files found"

Post by Alt » Thu Apr 07, 2022 11:36 am

Most likely because this drive was mapped under your account, but the task is run under the Local system account set in the Run under user account option on the Task execution schedule panel.

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