Too much data

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Too much data

Post by Jo » Sat Feb 27, 2010 10:56 pm

I began a recovery on 1TB external WD 2x striped hdds. It pulls up as much as 7TBs of information, and is slowly recovering all files. 2 Questions come to mind... Why am i getting 7TBs off of 1 TB? Second question, is that why cant it organize everything exactly the way it was, separated in their own special folders? This HDD was formated on accident. It uses the HFS file system (MAC) and was reformatted to the HFS file system on accident. I need help. :evil: :idea: :? :o :oops:

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Re: Too much data

Post by Alt » Sun Feb 28, 2010 5:39 am

1. If you recover all files, you actually recover some files which records are found in the remains of the previous file system and files found as Known File Types (files found by their signatures). In fact, that may double the total size of recovered files, as some files may be recovered twice. You may select only one recovery method (from file system remains or from Known File Types), but that may reduce the number of successfully recovered files.
In addition, as the previous file system was deleted, R-Studio may determine some file sizes incorrectly, much larger than its actual sizes.
That's why you see 7 TB. In fact, R-Studio will recover not more than 2TB of files.
2. R-Studio tries to recover not only files themselves, but their file names and the entire folder/file structure. Most often it does that successfully. Unfortunately, that's not always possible when the previous file system is severely damaged or deleted. In this case, R-Studio tries to recover files by searching for Known File Types (sometimes called raw file search), that is, by finding file signatures on the disk. In this case it is absolutely impossible to recover even file names, not to say the entire folder/file structure.

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