R-Studio 9.0.190312

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R-Studio 9.0.190312

Post by R-tt Team » Mon Apr 25, 2022 10:37 am

A new build of R-Studio is available for download.
* Two new options have been added for RapidSpar: Create Image and Complete Runtime Image.
* Estimation of recovery chances has been improved.
* The ISO image file type has been added to the File Types list.
* During execution of the Complete runtime image, I/O Monitor now shows the read speed of the disk rather than read/write speed.
* File System error message codes are expanded for deletion/move errors.

- R-Studio Technician for Mac/Linux couldn't be re-registered into the T80+ version. Fixed
- Multi-pass images with several takes were created incorrectly if the Perform reading in reverse order if possible option was selected. Fixed.
- I/O Monitor showed read speed incorrectly. Fixed.
- A sector map file was being written not as often as necessary while completing runtime imaging. Fixed.
- Masked marked files were incorrectly counted. Fixed.
- Tabs may have closed without a due warning. Fixed.
- Deleted files were not marked with the red cross in the Find Results pane. Fixed.
- The Recover Marked button may have been inactive after marking files using the Find/Mark dialog box and when the Skip files with bad sectors option is selected on the Recover dialog box. Fixed.
- The Recover Marked shortcut menu item and button remained inactive when a file was marked for recovery in the Find Results pane. Fixed.
- When there was not enough room for a large file and a new destination was assigned, the leftover of the file left in the first place. Fixed.
- Recovery froze and could not be resumed if a file name and path appeared too long. Fixed.
- Recovery froze from the Extensions tab when the Restore folder structure and Restore from root options were selected on the Recovery dialog box. Fixed.
- It was possible to perform many Drag&Drop operations while performing various drive tasks. Fixed.
- The OK button was active when the Password field was empty on the Enter the password dialog box. Fixed.
- An RDR-type image could not be correctly removed from a virtual RAID. Fixed.
- RAID-connected tabs didn't close when the RAID parameters were altered. Fixed.
- A Virtual Block RAID object may have frozen when another RAID parent was added. Fixed.
- Many cosmetic, wrong messages, and localization bugs have been fixed.

Text/hexadecimal editor:
- The content of the UNICODE and UNICODE+ columns may have merged. These columns could not be resized. Fixed.
- An unnecessary inquiry about overwriting a file after executing the Tools - Save to Binary File... or Save to Hexadecimal file command may have appeared. Fixed.

Third-party hardware:
- R-Studio may have crashed while working with DeepSpar DDI hardware. Fixed.