Restart with a disk repair occurring / files missing now

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Kurt Gibbs
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Restart with a disk repair occurring / files missing now

Post by Kurt Gibbs » Thu Jun 09, 2022 2:44 am

I added some data disks to my Windows 11 Pro system. Then, while restarting, Windows performed a disk repair on one of my data disks. After the disk repair was completed, in about 10 minutes, the disk came back online but is missing about 1 TB of files out of 9 TB.

- After noticing some files and folders were missing, I immediately shut the computer off and removed the drive from the system.


- I had just performed a New clean install of Windows 11 Pro upgrading from Windows 10 Pro. After the installation was finished I checked all the data drives and everything was fine.

- I next needed to add a new graphics card , “NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti”, and some additional hard drives. The case isn’t big enough to accommodate the new graphics card with the data disks in the case. So, I’m having to temporarily remove the drives from the case until I get a new one that is big enough.

- After installing and testing the new graphics card I shut the system down and added the drives back into the system and restarted the system. This is when Windows performed a disk repair on one of the data disks.

- The only thing I can think of that I may have done wrong is I forgot to unmount the dynamic disks before removing them from the system. I usually know to do this but forgot this time.

- The other dynamic disks are fine. Just the one disk had the disk repair performed and is missing data.

- The disks are not any type of RAID just dynamic.

This disk missing files:
- Western Digital Red Pro 10 TB
- Dynamic Mounting
- Never had any prior issues.
- Online for about a year.
- Not the OS drive. Just a photo and video data drive.

- Windows 11 Pro
- New clean OS install
- OS drive SSD 1TB

Thank you for any help provided!

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Re: Restart with a disk repair occurring / files missing now

Post by Alt » Thu Jun 09, 2022 10:53 am

I think this article may help you: Data Recovery from a Reformatted NTFS Disk. Most likely you'll find files in the Extra Found Files section.

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