R-Studio for Mac 7.1.191047

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R-Studio for Mac 7.1.191047

Post by R-tt Team » Fri Sep 16, 2022 12:44 pm

A new version of R-Studio for Mac is available for download.
New features:
The following items have been added:
+ A new command Close All Images to close all opened images.
+ Support for the XFS file system;
+ Support for Intel Software RAIDs;
+ Data wiping for drives.

Additionally for the Technician versions:
+ Runtime imaging for individual folders/files;
+ Imaging of drive's file system (FS map) only;
+ Drive and file maps for all supported devices;
+ Drive imaging to a physical drive rather than to an image file;
+ New file hash functions sha1 and sha256 to forensic logs.

* Discovery of symlink targets has been improved.
* Info about multi-pass imaging phases has been added to the log.
* A new option Check sectors status has been added to the Recheck Recovery Chances dialog box.
* Estimation of recovery chances has been improved.
* The ISO image file type has been added to the File Types list.
* During execution of the Complete runtime image, I/O Monitor now shows the read speed of the disk rather than read/write speed.
* File System error message codes are expanded for deletion/move errors.

The Technician version
* Post Actions (Shut down the computer on task completion & E-mail options) have been added to the Options window.

= The default system info file names have been changed to R-Studio-SystemInfo-yyyy-MM-dd.
= The I/O Options button has been renamed to the Options button.

The Technician version
= The Forensic Log Settings dialog box has been moved to the Forensic Log Settings tab on the Recover dialog box.

- R-Studio may have processed huge ext4fs file systems for too long time. Fixed.
- It was impossible to stop disk actions with malfunctioning disks. Fixed.
- Not all information was copied from the Get Info window. Fixed.
- The Files and Folders checkboxes were disabled by default on the Find/Mark dialog box. Fixed.
- File search and mask returned incorrect results for the Modification date. Fixed.
- The Yes to All and No to All buttons appeared on the Save scan info dialog box even when only one tab was opened. Fixed.
- Missing disks added to Virtual Volume Set or Virtual Mirror couldn't be edit correctly. Fixed.
- Some partition and drive actions could be performed during disk operations like disk scan, RAID consistency check, and so on. Fixed.
- No progress bar was shown during manual update. Fixed.
- R-Studio may have frozen while executing the Recover All Files command. Fixed.
- File sorting may have changed to default (Real file system) when the Show Files command was executed for an already opened tab, or the tab was moved, etc. Fixed.
- Child objects of a wiped drive/partition were not automatically deleted from the Device view pane. Fixed.
- Sometimes, R-Studio may have crashed on close. Fixed.
- The Close All command appeared in the Partition tab shortcut menu even only one tab was opened. Fixed.
- Questionable folders may have disappeared in the panels after Rescan Folder. Fixed.
- Existing zero-sized files had the green mark for recovery chances. Fixed.
- The Preview command was active in the Find Results panel for zero-sized files. Fixed.
- A negative offset may have been entered into the I/O Monitor field. Fixed.
- An image of a password-protected APFS container could not be opened even with the correct password. Fixed.
- File marking results may have been different for different time formats. Fixed.
- The information in the Disk Properties tab was updated incorrectly. Fixed.
- R-Studio crashed when the byte-to-byte imaging was selected in a system with only one disk. Fixed.
- Masked marked files were incorrectly counted. Fixed.
- Tabs may have closed without a due warning. Fixed.
- Deleted files were not marked with the red cross in the Find Results pane. Fixed.
- The Recover Marked button may have been inactive after marking files using the Find/Mark dialog box and when the Skip files with bad sectors option is selected on the Recover dialog box. Fixed.
- The Recover Marked shortcut menu item and button remained inactive when a file was marked for recovery in the Find Results pane. Fixed.
- When there was not enough room for a large file and a new destination was assigned, the leftover of the file left in the first place. Fixed.
- Recovery froze and could not be resumed if a file name and path appeared too long. Fixed.
- Recovery froze from the Extensions tab when the Restore folder structure and Restore from root options were selected on the Recovery dialog box. Fixed.
- It was possible to perform many Drag&Drop operations while performing various drive tasks. Fixed.
- The OK button was active when the Password field was empty on the Enter the password dialog box. Fixed.
- Data on virtual block RAIDs with disks with bad sectors may have read too slowly. Fixed.
- An RDR-type image could not be correctly removed from a virtual RAID. Fixed.
- RAID-connected tabs didn't close when the RAID parameters were altered. Fixed.
- A Virtual Block RAID object may have frozen when another RAID parent was added. Fixed.
- Many cosmetic, wrong messages, and localization bugs have been fixed.

The Technician version
- The Map of file command was active in the left pane of the R-Studio's panel. Fixed.
- It was impossible to disable all additional phases for multi-pass imaging in order to enable only the main one. Fixed.
- R-Studio performed Slow areas and Retrying phases of multi-pass imaging even when when they were disabled. Fixed.
- R-Studio threw a Corrupt data error message for ddrescue map files larger than 64kB. Fixed.
- It was impossible to perform sector map operations for incomplete images. Fixed.
- R-Studio Technician for Mac/Linux couldn't be re-registered into the T80+ version. Fixed
- Multi-pass images with several takes were created incorrectly if the Perform reading in reverse order if possible option was selected. Fixed.
- I/O Monitor showed read speed incorrectly. Fixed.
- A sector map file was being written not as often as necessary while completing runtime imaging. Fixed.

Text/hexadecimal editor
- The Hexadecimal editor didn't close an opened disk when disk wiping started. Fixed.
- The content of the UNICODE and UNICODE+ columns may have merged. These columns could not be resized. Fixed.
- An unnecessary inquiry about overwriting a file after executing the Tools - Save to Binary File... or Save to Hexadecimal file command may have appeared. Fixed.
- The Find previous command and reverse search may have executed incorrectly. Fixed.
- The Select From/To procedure didn't work correctly with the Search command.
- The search command may have been executed incorrectly when the Not equal option was enabled. Fixed.
- The Append command may have been executed incorrectly. Fixed.