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R-Photo 1.4.180011

Post by R-tt Team » Thu Nov 24, 2022 11:23 am

A new version of R-Photo is available for download.
New features:
+ Support for the ReFS 3.4 and 3.7 file systems (Windows Server 2019-2022) has been added. NTFS de-duplication included.
+ R-Photo now enumerates FAT folders with partially damages sectors.

* Detection of partition's sector size has been improved.
* Processing of sparse files has been improved.
* Detection of NTFS file systems with overwritten parts has been improved.

- The program incorrectly determined the best FAT table for FAT12/16 file systems when the sector-wise processing was used. Fixed.
- Waste copies of GPT partitions could be found if a GPT HDD was formatted into an LDM/MBR disk. Fixed.
- Waste copies of partition records could be found when GPT partition entries were partially overwritten. Fixed. Now they are checked against validity, and such records are ignored.
- The FAT32 bitlocker to go couldn't be recognized. Fixed.
- When an NTFS file system was partially scanned, its reconstructed MFT included only the scanned part of that MFT. Fixed. The non-scanned parts of the original MFT are now included, too, using its FS file.
- If a special partition was mounted with a non-standard tool, like Mount ESP, to a disk letter through a link to the object like \Device\Harddisk0\Partition1, its corresponding volume was doubled, and two volumes were created. Fixed.
- Only a GPT partition, regardless of its validity, was parsed if the disk contained both LDM/MBR and LDM/GPT partition tables. Fixed.
- NTFS file systems were parsed incorrectly if their cluster size was 64k. Fixed.
- NTFS partitions weren't found in the device didn't have the boot record. Fixed.
- Root folders with small numbers of files (1-2) on FAT16/32 file systems were detected incorrectly. Fixed.
- Deleted partitions were not searched for if a direct volume was found on a flash drive. Fixed.
- Partitions were shown two times if the partition GPTs had the same offset/size but different GPT Guids. Fixed.
- SMART for Intel NVME devices may have been shown incorrectly. Fixed.

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