corrupted sd card

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corrupted sd card

Post by juaninn » Sat Mar 18, 2023 10:00 am

Hello all, hope you're doing well, would really appreciate your help. I have an SD card on my android phone that corrupted(images became black and won't load). I quickly took it out from my phone and backed it up with ddrescue, I now have a .dd file. After examining the sd card through test disk and r-studio no partitions show up. I've also tried to scan the .dd file and also no partitions show up. I do not know what else to try at this point. Hope you could point me to the right course of action to take.
Many thanks.

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Re: corrupted sd card

Post by Alt » Mon Mar 20, 2023 11:34 am

Is the card encrypted? If yes, unfortunately, a bad luck.
The card is surely encrypted if it's included into the internal phone's storage.

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