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R-Linux for Linux/Windows

Post by R-tt Team » Mon May 01, 2023 3:55 pm

New versions of free R-Linux for Linux and Windows are available for download.
New features
+ Data storage types (SSD, HDD, USB, etc) info has been added to the Drives pane.
+ All S.M.A.R.T. attributes can be copied through one action (The Copy All button on the S.M.A.R.T. panel).
+ Drive imaging can be interrupted and then resumed. When the user stops an imaging process, they have two options: to discard an already created partial image file or to save it to resume drive imaging later. Created partial images can be loaded, too.
+ Files can be recovered or marked for recovery directly from File previewer.
+ Several disk objects can be opened in one tab. All these objects can be simultaneously searched for files, their files can be marked and recovered.
+ The number of read tries for bad sectors can be changed during a disk

* Any files from Extra Found Files will not be recovered if there are their duplicates in the file systems (Root) when the Do not recover duplicate files from Extra Found Files option is selected. Earlier this option took effect only for recovered files.
* Several tabs can now be moved by dragging them with the mouse.
* Processing of various non-printable characters in file names has been improved.
* Saving and loading of Broken File Name and Hidden Attribute parameters have been improved.
* The program sets now the access rights of the current user to created files.
added to the Options window.
* The ISO image file type has been added to the File Types list.
* Estimation of recovery chances has been improved.
* When a user opens an already opened partition it brings the user to the corresponding tab.
* Option processing for the Find/Mark dialog box has been improved
* File type icons have been added to the Find Results (Find All Files) panel.
* The recovered part of a file will remain when the recovery process has been interrupted.
* Message display in the Log View panels has been improved.
* The program shows now S.M.A.R.T. attributes for NVME SSD devices.
* Detection of S.M.A.R.T. attributes have been improved for new hard drive modes.
* Detection of Disk identity parameters (Vendor name, Product name, Firmware version, Serial number) has been improved.
* Recognition of ext2/3/4 partitions with block sizes <=1024 bytes has been improved.
* Interface localizations have been improved.

= The FileID files parameter was moved to the top control box on the Find/Mark dialog box.
= The I/O Options button has been renamed to the Options button.

- The program may have crashed when the same partition got reopened in the same tab. Fixed.
- The program may have crashed when an unmounted CDROM drive was selected. Fixed.
- Sometimes incorrect marks may have appeared in the top level of the folder tree. Fixed.
- Incorrect data may have appeared in the Accessed Time column. Fixed.
- Some fixes in the algorithm of recovery chances estimation.
- The Estimated size value on the Create Image dialog window may have not changed when the Compression ratio slider was moved. Fixed.
- The program may have crashed when file sorting tabs were switched. Fixed.
- Files were not always recovered from the Find Results pane. Fixed.
- The program may have gone into an endless loop when opening large ext fs partitions. Fixed.
- Existing zero-sized files had the green mark for recovery chances. Fixed.
- The Preview command was active in the Find Results panel for zero-sized files. Fixed.
- Masked marked files were incorrectly counted. Fixed.
- Tabs may have closed without a due warning. Fixed.
- Deleted files were not marked with the red cross in the Find Results pane. Fixed.
- The Recover Marked button may have been inactive after marking files using the Find/Mark dialog box and when the Skip files with bad sectors option is selected on the Recover dialog box. Fixed.
- The Recover Marked shortcut menu item and button remained inactive when a file was marked for recovery in the Find Results pane. Fixed.
- Recovery froze and could not be resumed if a file name and path appeared too long. Fixed.
- Recovery froze from the Extensions tab when the Restore folder structure and Restore from root options were selected on the Recovery dialog box. Fixed.
- When the recover options Restore folder structure and Restore from root were selected, the original Modified and Accessed timestamps were changed to the time of file recovery. Fixed.
- The number of marked files may have been displayed incorrectly when the view was changed from Real, by Extension, by Time, etc. Fixed.
- No messages appeared in the log when a scan process was interrupted. Fixed.
- Many cosmetic buxfixes.

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