Some questions/observations

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Some questions/observations

Post by twistedemotions » Wed Mar 03, 2010 7:25 pm

1) A few of the files listed (end with *.pst) are marked with a file size larger than the actual drive. Doesn't matter really, but I'm curious as to what's up with that.

2) After running a scan I am shown 300+ distinct recognized "partitions" or whatever they are. Most of them with duplicate contents.

This drive started with 2 fat partitions and 1 vista NTFS, then was reinstalled 4-5 times. So I'm not surprised there are all kinds of bits and pieces left over.

Any reason why there are 300 listed in the green, yellow, and red shades?

3) R-studio doesn't seem to let me do a find through all 300 recognized areas... only one at a time. It also won't let me do something like recover anything with *.pst (with renaming on) into a folder while I go off to do something productive.

So I am left double clicking on each one. Searching for anything *.pst. Then repeating it again and again. Many times with it duplicating.

4)When I finally did find my file it was listed 10 times in the same folder, with slightly different modified dates. Is this related to Windows 7 versioning feature?

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Re: Some questions/observations

Post by Alt » Fri Mar 05, 2010 7:43 am

1. Their file records are corrupted.
2. You already gave the answer: there are all kinds of bits and pieces left over. Enough for R-Studio to find so many recognized partitions.
3. Well, just imagine how much resources would it take to search for a file in 300 partitions!
Actually, you didn't need to search for the *.pst files in all partitions! You'd rather had selected those that matched the last ones in their start and sizes. Most likely, those partitions were green.
When recovering files R-Studio can't do anything else except gathering information about the file being recovered and copy its data. That is a plenty of work to do.
4. Most likely Windows re-wrote it several times.

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