Some feedback

Disk backup and restore, partition imaging and cloning, and drive copy using R-Drive Image.
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Discussion on the R-Drive Image software
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Some feedback

Post by cnyang » Thu May 11, 2023 5:24 pm

I have tried the software and seen some small problems and wishes, as follows, I hope some of them are useful.
1. ... _FAQ.shtml 's "Is it possible to turn off PC after making an image/copy?
No, R-Drive Image does not have such option right now." looks out of date.

2. I expect to see a clear processed size / written size / percentage, although the existing progress bars are accurate. Even real-time compression ratio and real-time speed, average speed.
3. The configured compression level is not enough for low-end computers (Sandy Bridge). I see always CPU 100% and throughput declines if using the default ultra-fast compression. I expect it to try to compress as quickly as possible without affecting speed, such as LZ4 or zstd.
4. Switch the compression level during backup, if possible. For example, WinRAR allows this.
5. I suggest providing a button to display (visualize) passwords when configuring a backup task, hiding is reasonable, but sometimes it is worrying if unexpected password input problems are caused by keyboard jam or keyboard layout. In addition, reminding repeat to recall (confirm) may be an option when the backup ends.
6. The encryption keys of the images seem to be remembered in the program session. Make/Open an encrypted image, try to mount/check/restore from images list, which does not seem to re-ask the password and does not have a password-protected mark.

7. I saw some small burrs in the Simplified Chinese interface. The "镜像" and "映像" translation is mixed for "image(s)". "修复的" (Repaired)->"固定" (fixed size). "x分之xxMB的文件和文件夹"->"x个xx MB的文件和文件夹". "保存日志。。。"->"保存日志...". "处理中。。。"->"处理中...". "驱动器字母"->"驱动器号"/"卷号". "启动" (Launch) button->"开始" (Start).

Thank you for reading.

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Re: Some feedback

Post by Alt » Fri May 12, 2023 12:44 pm

Thank you for your feedback! I've passed it to our developers.

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