RStudio and HFS on a PC

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RStudio and HFS on a PC

Post by notta » Fri Mar 05, 2010 4:33 pm

I'm currently looking for a piece of software that will allow me to recover files from an external USB drive that is formatted HFS. The user that I'm working with is a Mac user, but I have no Mac experience. I downloaded your demo and it seems that your software supports HFS, but will the files be readable when I copy them from the HFS partition onto my NTFS drive and back to his Mac? I have asked on a few forums, but most responses have been that the files will not be readable because Mac files have 2 forks and all the data will be corrupted. If that was the case why would you release a PC version of this software to support HFS? Am I missing something? Could you help clarify this so I can make a decision whether or not to purchase a PC version of the software or tell him he needs to find someone that runs a Mac and has recovery software. By the way your software shows that the data is fully recoverable, but is finding there is a problem with the drive. Thanks.

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Re: RStudio and HFS on a PC

Post by Alt » Sat Mar 06, 2010 1:14 pm

The answer is simple: R-Studio correctly saves files recovered from HFS disks onto NTFS disks. It'll be possible to copy those files from the NTFS disk to an HFS disk without loosing any information from those files.
The Windows version of R-Studio saves a Mac file with a resource fork или finder info in a so-called AppleDouble format. It creates an additional file with the ._ prefix with that info. The Mac OS understands this format and it automatically joins the info from such a file with the original one.
I recommend you to use a Mac computer to copy recovered files back to an HFS disk, as it'll correctly copy such file pairs into a one Mac file on the HFS disk. Mac computers can read NTFS disks.

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