R-Studio v5.2 Build 130690

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R-Studio v5.2 Build 130690

Post by R-tt Team » Sat Mar 06, 2010 10:06 am

A new build of R-Studio 5.2 is available for download:

New features:
+ In-place saving of recovered files on a remote computer. When recovering data on a remote computer over network, R-Studio can now save recovered files on another disk of the same remote computer, on an external USB hard drive, for example. Moreover, such remote computer can be connected to the Internet rather than to a local network. This feature is especially useful for data recovery technicians and corporations who can now serve their clients truly remotely over the Internet and do not need to transfer large volumes of data over network. In addition, files recovered from a remote compute can be saved on a local computer or on another internet-connected remote computer with R-Studio Agent running.
+ Forensic mode (Technician version only). In this mode R-Studio generates a forensic data collection audit log that can be presented at court hearings. This log includes information about a hardware configuration on which the forensic data collection takes place and MD5 for recovered files.
+ Clickable links in Text/hexadecimal editor. Those links provide direct jumps to important parts of objects being analyzed and edited.

* The file recovery over network is optimized to make it faster.
* More recovery statistics is added to Log.
* R-Studio constantly updates marked file statistics while recovering files.
* The RAID View top hint can be hidden to save extra space in low resolution environments
* Search performance is improved in Text/Hexadecimal editor.
* Data validators are added to many dialog boxes.

= When remote computers are connected, the Recover dialog is changed to reflect the new network file recovery features.
= If Restore from root is not selected, R-Studio creates the recovered folder structure starting from the folders below the lowest common folder.
= All log files are saved using the UTF-8 encoding.

- Recognized partitions are removed from the destination device tree in Drive Copy Wizard.
- Sometimes R-Studio might crash after a disk scan (Windows Vista and Server 2008 were especially affected). Fixed.
- Sometimes R-Studio might crash when files were recovered from FAT32 under Windows XP. Fixed.
- Sometimes R-Studio might crash when recovering files with bad sectors if Skip files with bad sectors was selected. Fixed.
- Sometimes the There is not enough space on the disk message might appear when recovered files were saved to a flash or network drive. Fixed.
- Scan information might disappear after switching to another tab on Property View and switching back to the Scan Information tab. Fixed.
- Sometimes R-Studio unexpectedly might stop searching for files. Fixed.
- Sometimes Open Drive Files showed no files. Fixed
- Sector size was incorrectly displayed on the Properties panel if View as sectors was selected. Fixed.
- Multiple cosmetic bugs are fixed.
Text/hexadecimal editor:
- Multiple bugs are fixed in the Search process. That includes search parameter handling, unexpected search stops, the Continue Find command didn't work in the Find Results panel, and many others.
- Cursor might be placed incorrectly when its position was changed. Fixed.
- There was no warning if an out-of-range value was entered into the Go filed. Fixed.
- The Copy command worked incorrectly. Fixed.
- Data was incorrectly displayed when the ANSI, OEM, UNICODE, UNICODE+ columns were turned on/off. Fixed.
- Copying of large amount of data was incorrect. Fixed.
- An area was selected if Shift-F3 were used during a search. Fixed.

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