R-Drive Image v4.7 Build 4700

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R-Drive Image v4.7 Build 4700

Post by R-tt Team » Mon Mar 08, 2010 3:56 pm

A new version of R-Drive Image is available for download
New features:
+ A technician license (Local) is added for data care professionals and large corporate users.
+ R-Drive Image can now create image files and check them for consistency right immediately after creation.
+ Objects from images of entire hard drives (not only a number of logical disks) can now be connected as virtual disks. This is especially useful when GPT and alike disks are to be connected.
+ R-Drive Image can now create its startup version on FAT disks of external USB hard drives.
+ OEM Kit: A system recovery disk and system image can now be on different devices or logical disks.

* The color legend of disk types (primary partitions, logical disks, unallocated space) is changed to make it closer to the colors used in the Windows disk manager. Also, that makes a selected object better recognizable.
* Estimation of the size of useful information on the disk is improved to make Estimated duration and Estimated image size more accurate.
* An image file can be written on CD/DVD discs in any folder rather only in the root one. If necessary, a folder tree will be created.
* The sender, subject, and message body fields in the report mail message are now editable.
* The mail report message sent by the command-line version contains now the report log.

- FAT labels were shown incorrectly. Fixed.
- An image file couldn't be saved in a new folder on a network drive if the path was specified as \\Server\New_Folder\test.arc. Fixed.
- R-Drive Image showed zip archive files as folders. Fixed.
- If R-Drive Image was removed from a computer under Windows Vista or 7, its icons remained in the Start menu. Fixed.
- R-Drive Image might crash when Scheduler was opened. Fixed.

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