ISO image file recovery?

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ISO image file recovery?

Post by Also » Wed Feb 04, 2009 11:53 am

Hi Alt,

It seems below problem is realted to this topic:
My client acidentially booted his desktop from CD wehre was Linux(Limpus) OS preinstallation image which should create the bootable Memory Stick(8GB) which was connected to the same PC. But happened so, that after CD booting, despite of system warnings about the fact that image data will move to HDD, installation have been continued and it went to the HDD!, insted to his empty 8GB USB Memory Stick. Can you explain how R-Studio could help in such situation and which version will need to be used on this desktop. Same SATA HDD have been tried on another PC and it could not been opened at all(probably because of boot sector image settings related to preview motherboard hardware). This SATA HDD now have Linux (Limpus) on HDD with wrong installation parameters(PC starting wil Linux partialy installed...). My guess is that in this situation is some CD/DVD with bootable meedia needed to boot on this machine and access the HDD and hopefully to get the important data from there to the same USB memory stick.


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Re: ISO image file recovery?

Post by Alt » Thu Feb 05, 2009 7:37 am

I split the topic because your post is on another subject: how to recover files from a disk with newly installed OS.
I recommend you to install R-Studio on another PC, connect the disk to that PC, and do all file recovery this way.
The version of R-Studio you need depends on the previous file system on the disk and what are your intentions on future use of R-Studio. If you need it only to recover data only in this case, you may choose R-Studio only for that file system. If you want to have a handy data recovery utility suitable for almost all data recovery needs, I recommend you the full version of R-Studio. You may see that on
To recover the files on the computer, start scanning the disk, then open the Recognized partition with the appropriate file system. You will be able to recover files that not overwritten during the Linux installation. I recommend you to save scan information during the scan. See R-Studio help for more information.
I believe you were not able to open the disk on another PC (I recon with Windows) because now it has the Linux file system installed on it which are totally unknown to Windows. R-Studio should find the remnants of the previous file system.
You may try it using the demo mode of R-Studio and, if successful, buy it later. In the demo mode, R-Studio does everything except actual file recovery. To estimate the chances for file recovery in the demo mode, you may use file preview. See R-Studio help for more information.

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