Restoring from a Network Drive

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Restoring from a Network Drive

Post by GoldenFez » Tue Feb 10, 2009 2:12 pm

I have been creating an image of my PC onto a remote server each week. Unfortunately I've had some major problems with drivers on the PC and I want to go to back to the last image I created.

When I try to restore using the R-Drive Windows sofware it says it can't lock the disk.

When I use the startup CD I created with R-Drive it asks me to configure the network card with an IP address and subnet. I do this and it then asks me for the IP address of the server and its name which I give it. It then says unable to connect.

The image is 26 MB and I have no other device I can move it to. What's the easiest way round this? I could even buy an external disk and copy the image there if that was a solution.

Thanks for you help.

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Re: Restoring from a Network Drive

Post by Alt » Tue Feb 10, 2009 2:45 pm

I believe your image is 26 GB, or otherwise I think any USB flash memory stick would suffice.
If you are going to restore data to your system disk, you will have to use the startup version of R-Drive Image started from either your hard drive or a startup CD. See R-Drive Image help -> Advanced Disk Actions -> Restore Data to a System or Other Locked Disk.
If time is critical to you, I recommend you to borrow from a friend of yours a USB external HDD. Given the size of such drives, your image will not occupy much of it space. Then start your computer with the R-Drive Image startup version and restore data from that HDD. The startup version correctly vorks with USB 2.0 hard drives.
But I recommend you to fix the problem after data recovery just in case of another emergency. Contact our technical support and they will help you.

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