Raid Recovery

Discussions on using the professional data recovery program R-STUDIO for RAID re-construction, NAS recovery, and recovery of various disk and volume managers: Windows storage spaces, Apple volumes, and Linux Logical Volume Manager.
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Raid Recovery

Post by chrisuk » Wed Feb 11, 2009 12:08 pm

I am trying to recover data from two SATA 250 gb drives, they were running in a raid 0 configuration with a stripe of 465gb

I dont know which drive is bootable but I have made a drive image of one of the drives as I do not have enough connectors to run 3 hard drives. So I have

1.New hd with vanilla xp install just to run r-studio
2 one old drive physically attached
3 one old drive attached as a drive image

Now basically I don't know much about raid, but I created a virtual stripe for the drives, however one of the drives no longer has any partitions, the other has two partitions.

I am running a scan but the entire scan box is green and its not finding data so I think I have not configured the virtual raid correctly or the missing partition is a problem. How in easy to follow terms can I check the configurations are right before I scan the drives. Also I am scanning using file types fat and ntfs, is that right, the OS is/was win xp. I feel so close yet so far and desperately need my data, can anyone help in clear to follow way?


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Re: Raid Recovery

Post by Alt » Tue Feb 17, 2009 2:42 pm

Please, attach screenshots of R-Studio, both its Drives and Parents panes.

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