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Help with recovery

Post by JohnP » Wed May 26, 2010 11:06 am

I am still using the trial while I figure out if I can successfully use your R_Studio for Mac.

I had a Parallels VM go bad when my hard drive crashed and after having their support try to help for hours, I could still not get my snapshots (with latest data) to merge into my VM.

Where I am right now:

This was the only software I was able to use that was actually able to open up one of the Parallels HDS snapshot files. It's about an 8GB file and I see there is most of my data in there which has me excited since I've tried everything to recover this data.

When I scan the image, I get:

Extra Found Files
Recognized 1
Recognized 2
Recognized 40

So, I have a lot of these 'groups'

When I attempt to restore some files just to test it, I get:

"Start position of file (32130322432) is outside filesystem size (7256793088) while recovering /Users/johnP/ Try to recover this file using all recognized partitions.

Note: I have been able to successfully extract some smaller text files and images just to see that they are valid and they are.

So the questions I have are this:

1. What does this message mean and what actually should I do to try to recover those files for which I receive this error?

2. Is there any way to handle processing all at once for recovery on the 40 or so "Recognized" file groups or must I do each one separately?

I'm happy to follow any instruction and if it looks like I'll be able to recover my data, I'll buy a license immediately and get to work.

Thank you so much for at least giving me some hope that I'll be able to recover this data.


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Re: Help with recovery

Post by Alt » Wed May 26, 2010 4:47 pm

Most likely Windows saved various snapshots on the same place. While R-Studio scanned the file, it found bits of the previous snapshots and marked them as Recognized partitions. That is why they are too many. Most likely, your right partition should be colored in green and its offset should be 0. But that depends on the file structure of those snapshots. I think they are just an images of disks, but there may be some service information at the beginning.
Maybe, it's a good idea to scan a valid snapshot, find a right partition on it, and see the offset and other parameters on it. Then try to find the partition with the same parameters on the snapshot you want to recover files from.
You may preview the files found on the test snapshot to be sure that R-Studio works correctly with it. See our on-line help for more details: R-Studio On-line Help -> Data Recovery Using R-Studio -> Basic File Recovery -> Previewing Files.

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