Disk wipe for cluster tips

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Disk wipe for cluster tips

Post by leejgold » Mon Jul 26, 2010 7:48 am

Hi I would like to use RWipe to wipe the unused space on drive C:. However, when I view the settings page, there is only a setting to erase cluster tips on the file wipe not disk wipe. Could anyone tell me if the disk wipe automatically wipes cluster tips?

Also, active kill disk reported that the drive had unallocated space and would not therefore wipe this. When I used both the windows computer management console or easus partition manager, neither reported that this free space existed.

How will R-Wipe handle this and can I be sure that R-Wipe has removed all traces of data from every unused and unallocated cluster on the disk?

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Re: Disk wipe for cluster tips

Post by Alt » Wed Aug 04, 2010 5:56 am

I think if Windows doesn't see unallocated space it doesn't write anything on it. So, no need to worry about this.
About cluster tips. Indeed, R-Wipe & Clean wipes the tips when wiping files, whereas it doesn't wipe them when wiping free space. Moreover, most other disk wipers don't do that even if they claim they do.
The problem is that such wiping require the file which cluster tips are to be wiped should be re-written to some other place on the disk, its space should be wiped, then the file should be written to the original place. All that consumes too much time and computer resources.

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