R-Studio v5.2 Build 130723

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R-Studio v5.2 Build 130723

Post by R-tt Team » Thu Jul 29, 2010 10:28 am

A new build of R-Studio 5.2 is available for download:
* The Synchronize offset button in the RAID control is added. It enables the user to set the same RAID offset value for all RAID components by clicking one button.
* Text/hexadecimal editor displays a log message when a new template is loaded.

= The Delete Scan Information command is changed to Remove Scan Information.

- The About item on the Help menu didn't changed after a successful registration of a demo version until a program restart. Fixed.
- Sometimes there was no information in the right pane Properties about an element of the Virtual Volume sets and RAIDs tree. Fixed.
- Sometimes a bug appeared when tabs of the right panel of an element of the Virtual Volume sets and RAIDs tree were switched. Fixed.
- The Wait message couldn't be stopped. Fixed.
- When the user tried to save some info or saved files to a non-existing logical disk, a prompt to create a new folder appeared. Fixed.
- Incorrect information was written to the log when creation of FS Snap Shot was canceled.
- The Preview command on the Find Results panel was active for folders. Fixed.
- There were errors in the Wait dialog box for connecting to a remote computer. Fixed.
- When data was saved in Text/hexadecimal editor to a binary file, incorrect information was written to the log. Fixed.
- Large data could not be copied through the clipboard in Text/hexadecimal editor. Fixed. The upper limit size for copying is 1 MB.
- It was impossible to copy one element in Text/hexadecimal editor, only at least two. Fixed.
- The Tools/Select command in Text/hexadecimal editor didn't work. Fixed.

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