R-Studio v5.2 Build 130729

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R-Studio v5.2 Build 130729

Post by R-tt Team » Mon Aug 09, 2010 11:37 am

A new build of R-Studio 5.2 is available for download:
* When recovered files are saved to a network share, R-Studio prompts for a password if the share cannot be opened under the user's login and password.
* R-Studio warns the user when unsaved scan info is going to change, as a result of a new scan, for example.

- The Save to File field could be marked as invalid even if this option was disabled. Fixed.
- The progress bar wasn't working on the Connect to Remote dialog box when R-Studio couldn't connect to the specified remote computer. Fixed.
- File operations in the Find results pane were performed on wrong files if the user switched to other lower panes.
- Sometimes an incorrect size of the scan area appeared on the Scan dialog box during successive scans. Fixed.
- R-Studio tried to load user's RAID layout and Known File Types files with default names, even they didn't existed. Fixed.

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