overwritten data

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overwritten data

Post by yrenal » Fri Feb 27, 2009 6:26 am

hi i have problem, i am reinstall window xp and i am forgot to back up the pst file, after the new windows intalled i am install the microsoft outlook again, is it possible i can get the pst data back?

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Re: overwritten data

Post by Alt » Fri Feb 27, 2009 6:38 am

Data overwritten are data lost.
Still you can try to find the old pst file by scanning the disk.
http://www.unformat-unerase.com/Unforma ... index.html -> Data Recovery Using R-Studio -> Advanced Data Recovery -> Disk Scan.
Most likely R-Studio will find the previous Windows XP partition and here it may find the pst file. You may also find the file among extra found files.
Frankly, I don't believe there are serious chances to recover the old pst file. Still, it's worth trying, You may install R-Studio Demo for free and do the scan. In this mode R-Studio does all data recovery tasks except actual file recovery. If you find the file and preview it successfully, you may later buy R-Studio and recover the file.
File preview: http://www.unformat-unerase.com/Unforma ... index.html -> Data Recovery Using R-Studio -> File Recovery -> Previewing Files
I recommend you save the scan info in order not to re-scan the disk once again.

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