R-Studio v5.3 Build 132947

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R-Studio v5.3 Build 132947

Post by R-tt Team » Thu Oct 07, 2010 10:54 am

A new version of R-Studio (5.3) is available for download:
New features:
+ A connection can be established either from R-Studio to R-Studio Agent, or from R-Studio Agent to R-Studio. This allows R-Studio to traverse NAT/firewall when recovering data over Internet. HTTP tunneling is used when necessary.
+ Improved scanning for NTFS partitions.
+ Improved scanning for FAT partitions.
+ Improved progress bar. It shows the progress for an individual file being recovered and overall recovery process, elapsed and remaining time, and recovery log.

* If a network computer is selected as a place to store recovered files (an UNC path is specified), a login dialog appears if necessary.
* Scan info view mode is stored for each disk.
* If scan info is about to change, R-Studio asks the user to save it before the change takes place.
* The pop-up window with the list of file systems on the Scan dialog box doesn’t disappear until all necessary file systems are marked.

= R-Studio now stores its settings in the USER_APPDATA\R-TT\R-Studio\settings.ini file.

- Commands on the shortcut menu on the Find Results panel didn’t work properly when file sorting has been changed. Fixed.
- Sometimes the Finish button was inactive on the Drive Copy wizard. Fixed.
- An incorrect slash character (\) was used in paths for image files. Fixed (changed to /).
- Scan progress indicator worked incorrectly. Fixed.
Text/hexadecimal editor:
- When copying selected elements, one next element was also copied. Fixed.
- If no paths for User's Text/hexadecimal editor templates were specified on the Settings -> Main panel, R-Studio tried to load any xml file from the user’s setting folder. Fixed.