R-Undelete v4.1 Build 132959

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R-Undelete v4.1 Build 132959

Post by R-tt Team » Thu Oct 21, 2010 8:20 am

A new version of R-Undelete(4.1) is available for download.
New features:
+ Support for exFAT.
+ Greatly enhanced scanning for FAT partitions.
+ Greatly enhanced scanning for NTFS partitions.
+ Greatly enhanced scanning for known file types

* If there are cross-linked folders with the same name in one folder, only one folder will be shown.
* Known File Types can be specified for a single scan session without changing default settings.
* Scan info can be loaded from the File Recovery wizard.

- Recovery of large files (+4GB) is fixed.
- Invalid characters can now be edited in the Broken file name dialog box.
- Files with bad sectors are correctly recovered now.
- Sometimes R-Undelete might crash when recovering files with bad sectors if Skip files with bad sectors was selected. Fixed.
- Sometimes the There is not enough space on the disk message might appear when recovered files were saved to a flash or network drive. Fixed.
- Sometimes R-Undelete unexpectedly might stop searching for files. Fixed.
- Files in Extra Found Files couldn't be previewed. Fixed.
- Modification time wasn’t recovered for a folder. Fixed.
- Several internal and cosmetic bugs are fixed.

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