can R-studio programs get stuck in loop?

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can R-studio programs get stuck in loop?

Post by metal_guru » Fri Nov 05, 2010 7:29 pm

I have a disk with first partition FAT32. A stupid benchmark program overwrote the first 32000 sectors of the disk, almost up to the root directory (without warning).The partition
boot records were recreated, so other partitions are now accessible, but on 1st partition, both FATs are garbage.
I tried two other programs on this drive. When they do a scan, I hear the head seeking back and forth, same sound over and over. I left them overnight, and they were not finished,
the disk sounded the same. So I presume these programs are stuck in a loop following what looks like a chain of sector addresses. The partition is only 8 GB, I can't see that it
should take 18 hours. I don't wish to keep trying lots of programs, and find the same thing, worrying it might wear the disk out.
I am working on a clone of the corrupt disk. And it was backed up, but there are always some files of interest created since the last backup.
Does R-Studio fall into this same trap?

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Re: can R-studio programs get stuck in loop?

Post by Alt » Mon Nov 08, 2010 10:07 am

I can't tell you without looking at the actual data on the disk. I still recommend you to try R-Studio to scan the partition. And don't wait the whole night. Stop it if the scan is not finished within half an hour.
If R-Studio fails too, I think there's something wrong with the disk, maybe the program overwrote some service info on it.

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