Create images under linux

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Create images under linux

Post by Alexander » Wed Nov 17, 2010 5:22 pm

Hello guys,

I have a big problem with my server under linux. My server was hacked and all my critical files were deleted. :| Don't ask me where is my backup... My server was in transition stage, so backup was not setted up at that moment... :? To restore files I've tried different console tools, but without success. My last hope is R-Studio... But... Server is located in another country, I have only root ssh access to it and I can't use on the server any R-Studio emergency disk, because I have no physical access to it. I gzipped whole server drive and downloaded it to my local computer. But I can't extract image on my pc since image extremely big and there is no place to extract it.

As the last hope for me - create .arc drive image directly on my linux server and then download it. But r-studio tools don't have such tool for linux. So... I decide to examine r-tools drive images and write something like convertor/packer to .arc format. I've examined .arc files and found that they are based on modified gzip compression... This is simplifies workm but... I dont't enough time to reverse engineer .arc format.

Is there any possibility to get some documentation about .arc image file format? Or maybe you have some tool to create images under linux? May be you can provide part of sources that writing .arc files?... Any kind of information are welcomed! I'm even agree to send back created tool with sources and not distribute it in any other way.

Something one of above is possible? Thanks in advance!

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Re: Create images under linux

Post by Alt » Thu Nov 18, 2010 9:08 am

I think, the fastest and the easiest way for you is to borrow a large disk from a friend of yours and unzip the image to it. Then you may process it with our free tool - R-Linux.

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