Local System account backup trouble

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Local System account backup trouble

Post by Guest » Wed Mar 11, 2009 6:38 am

I am evaluating your software for my home network and am very impressed but worry about the following issue. The Local System account is problematic with backups for the following 3 reasons:
It does not support password protected shares - when drive is selected it should offer to store a password for network drives since the password may need to be cached when dealing with scheduled jobs. This issue is more general in fact than just the local system account. If I logged into a share with my regular user account
On incremental backup it goes extremely slow (> 2 hours) for just 500MB - cancel and re-run the same backup under the current user account and it takes a matter of minutes.
No GUI is shown on the current user desktop - another user in the forum recently mentioned something about indication in the system tray. This would be helpful to troubleshoot the slow backup issue.

This concerns me since the Local System account has the greatest permissions and can backup System Volume Information and the current user account cannot. Given the complex scenarios possible with NT file permissions, I was thinking that multiple backups may need to be run with different users to achieve the full backup in the right environment.


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Re: Local System account backup trouble

Post by Micropter » Tue Mar 17, 2009 6:23 pm

Cached user credentials for accessing network shares would be a nice feature indeed, as there are like you say scenarios where you would want the backup process to be run by the local system account. However, the System volume information is restricted from the local administrator to manipulate for security reasons as it stores important information such as your volume shadow copies, EFS data, indexing and tracking log. However, you can grant the local account access to this folder. Beware that this implies a few security issues in the case your system gets infected with a virus, or the fact that you can simply delete information in it by misstake.

A sector imaging of your hardware does not take filesystem into account, therefore system volume information will still be backed up even if the backup job was run with the local administrator. Please correct me if R-Drive does not work this way, i know others do.

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