r-studio hangs?

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r-studio hangs?

Post by wkearney99 » Sun Feb 06, 2011 1:24 pm

I'm having trouble running R-Studio. I've got the demo loaded, it's version 5.3.132965. This is on a brand new install of Win7 32bit, with all current updates applied.

I've got 6 drives connected to a supermicro X8STE server motherboard. 2gb of RAM, i7 950 processor. It's a motherboard intel chipset sata controller. All are seagate drives. Two of the six are 2tb drives set up as a boot RAID0 (to give me a place to recover the data). The other four drives are 1.5tb units and were part of a 4 drive RAID10 array from an Areca 1230 controller in a different machine.

When I try to scan any of the 1.5tb drives the program appears to become unresponsive. I get no error messages on the screen. The program just stops and windows sees it as unresponsive. It seems to take about 7-10 minutes to reach this state. The computer is responsive otherwise, I can access other programs on the machine while R-Studio is hung. I can kill the process in the Task Manager and it cleanly exits. If I use the Analyze Wait Chain feature in the Resource Monitor it shows three threads. I can reliably repeat the hang but the time to reach it seems to vary. Thus far I've only tried it with 2 of the 4 drives and it's hung on each of them. I'm running it against a third one now and it seems to be running a bit longer (13 min now). One of the scans hung at about 7 minutes and then stayed that way for 7 hours (I started it before going to sleep and found it hung the next morning). So it doesn't appear to be a temporary hang when it happens.

There are no messages in the event logs. Nor any errors or messages shown in the R-studio window.

I have the machine set for High Performance in the Power control panel, even the display is set to never go to sleep. I have nothing else running on the machine. it just boots win7, I log in (local admin user) and start R-Studio. The scan being performed is the whole drive, Detailed view, being saved to a file, NO extra search for filetypes and only NTFS format.

I could use another version of windows if 7 is a known problem. This machine has been set up specifically to recover an array and I can reconfigure it in any way necessary. I could reinstall windows using 2003, 2008, 2008R2 or whatever would be mostly likely to work effectively.

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Re: r-studio hangs?

Post by Alt » Mon Feb 07, 2011 4:43 am

Such problems occur when R-Studio waits for a response from the disk. It may be a system driver, the hardware controller, or the disk itself that stop responding.
Is this the same machine as in the topic odd serial number problem
If yes, have you ever experienced problems with that RAID controller?

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