r-studio does not find any files

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r-studio does not find any files

Post by JanSchenk2 » Tue Jun 30, 2009 8:11 am

I have a system which give's a bsod while booting.
It enters the selection screen where i can choose save mode etc and after entering safe mode it shows de windows XP logo
then i get the BSOD with the message unmountable_boot_volume
microsoft website give me a few option, but those doesn't work (chkdsk, fixboot etc)

I placed the harddisk in an other system and scanned it with r-studio
it finds no files
also it make's an empty image file

the status says there are read error's

there must be files on it because it startsup partially boots windows.

how can i recover the files with r-studio.

Jan Schenk

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Re: r-studio does not find any files

Post by Alt » Tue Jun 30, 2009 11:37 am

Did you run chkdsk?
If yes, chances are small that you will able to recover your files.
And it looks like this is a hardware problem.
Can you attach a screenshot with the Properties tab of this disk?

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