R-Studio v5.4 build 134114

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R-Studio v5.4 build 134114

Post by R-tt Team » Wed May 04, 2011 12:49 pm

A new version of R-Studio is available for download.
New features
+ Multilanguage support for GUI and help is added.
+ Exclusive region object is added. (A region with some areas that are excluded from disk operations). A very useful feature if there is an area (or areas) with bad sectors on a hard drive. Exclusive regions are editable.

* Better file system parsing to eliminate duplicate file records.
* Regions can now be edited.
* Data parameters in dialog boxes can now be edited in bytes and sectors.
* Logical disks can be locked/unlocked to save changes to those disks under Windows 7.
* Objects can now be added to RAIDs from a shortcut menu on the Drives panel.
* Search for the next file can be performed with all “Look in” variants.

- Already scanned objects could be shown incorrectly if scan had been interrupted or the disk hadn’t been completely scanned. Fixed.
- R-Studio could sometimes crash while searching for files. Fixed.
- R-Studio could freeze if an empty mask was specified in File view. Fixed.
- R-Studio didn’t mark/unmark matched files if a file was selected on the Contents panel. Fixed.
- There was a very strange default date (09/14/1752) on the File Mask (Advanced) dialog box. Fixed.
- Text/hexadecimal editor: There was impossible to insert data from a file with non-Latin characters. Fixed.
- Several small internal and cosmetic bugs are fixed.

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