Accidentally overwrote...

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Accidentally overwrote...

Post by pitsiman » Mon Jul 27, 2009 1:54 pm

Hello guys
I did a really bad think. Instead of copying the latest mdf and ldf files of my sql server to the backup destistaion folder I did the opposite( copied the old files to my current working dir) ending up having the old files.I must mention that old files are smaller than latest ones. I installed demo version of R-Studio NTFS in another hard drive which I booted from and scanned the HDD my wanted files were into it. R-Studio found 5 mdf files and 6 ldf. In the DATA folder there were 6 mdf and 6 ldf. I believe that one of the mdf stayed untouched and the ldfs maybe beacuse they are log files were all changed. So I end up having according to my poor mind the rest of the latest mdf files, which R-Studio found. Does anyone know if am I right? If yes how can I recover them and merge them?

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Re: Accidentally overwrote...

Post by Alt » Tue Jul 28, 2009 5:38 am

I wouldn't be much optimistic. Windows tends to write the new version of the file over the old one when someone copies files with the same name. So, R-Studio may find old files, but they may have the content. The only way to check that is to perform actual recovery and see if you are lucky.
If you decide to try, I recommend you to use our R-Undelete. It does the same thing, but costs less.

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