File is corrupted (error #3400) / (error #3100)

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File is corrupted (error #3400) / (error #3100)

Post by TamworthIT » Sun Jul 31, 2011 7:31 pm

We use R-Drive image as a backup solution for a number of clients. Recently we have added to the our backup script an option to check the image using -check.
As a result there are a number of backups reporting a failure with either ERROR: File is corrupted (error #3400) or ERROR: File is corrupted (error #3100). An example of this is:

Execution log:
* Append to an Image: E:\backup.arc
Backup partition [IntelMegaSR1.0 (464GB #1)]
C: (NTFS 464GB #1)
Backup disk partition structure
IntelMegaSR1.0 (464GB #1)
Check an Image File
! Error reading the file: Abort (auto)
! Read disk C: at position 35187326976 failed. File is corrupted (error #3100)
! Operation failed: File is corrupted (error #3100)

These failures still produce usable images and the .arc file and be restored from or mounted and a virtual drive. Is there documentation available to explain these error codes and the causes of them?

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Re: File is corrupted (error #3400) / (error #3100)

Post by Alt » Mon Aug 01, 2011 3:19 am

Please, contact our tech support. They'll help you to investigate the problem.

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