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R-Studio: version history

Post by Alt » Thu Nov 15, 2012 12:50 pm

Part I
R-Studio 9.4.191346 Tue Jul 23, 2024[/b]
- The program may have frozen during executing the Show Files command to process symlinks on Unix file systems. Fixed.
- When processing files on a remote computer, the program always warned about possible file overwriting, even when there was no such files. Fixed.
- Several possible crash causes have been eliminated.

R-Studio 9.4.191340 Fri Jul 19, 2024
* An additional certificate has been added to improve compatibility with all Windows versions.

R-Studio 9.4.191338 Fri Jul 12, 2024
- Several possible crash causes fixed.

R-Studio 9.4.191332 Thu Jul 04, 2024
* Data for Scan Information Details dialog box is now loading faster and can be stopped if it's huge.

- The program didn't recover files and may have crashed when two or more tabs were opened and the Restore folder structure option was not selected. Fixed.

R-Studio 9.4.191329 Thu Jun 20, 2024
* An animated indicator has been added to the List of running tasks.
* A link to the task being performed has been added to the The program is busy: the operation task is in progress message in the Technician version.
* Image display in File Previewer has been improved.

- It was impossible to resume image creation if the image file (except for a runtime one) was completed with some skipped sectors failed to read by a timeout. Fixed. It's possible now to resume image creation using multi-pass imaging with the Retrying phase on.

- R-Studio incorrectly processed XFS partitions with 4K sectors. Fixed.
- Folder cross-links were processed incorrectly for XFS file systems for inode numbers larger than 2^32. Fixed.
- Some bitmap files couldn't be identified by using search for Known File Types. Fixed.
- Some files couldn't be recognized by their file signatures when their beginnings looked like a text file and were close to the previous text files. Fixed.
- Valid jpg files were split into two invalid parts when their previews in their exif parts were on the sector boundaries. Fixed.
- The repeated window for password for APFS/ACS didn't appear when a wrong password was entered. Fixed.
- A possible cause for memory leak has been eliminated.
- Several internal bug fixes.
- Several crash causes have been eliminated.
- A lot of cosmetic bugfixes.

- Text/Hexadecimal editor may have overwritten an existing file when the same filename without extension was specified in the file dialog. Fixed.

R-Studio 9.4.191310 Fri May 03, 2024
* R-Studio can now use an already existing sector map to continue image creation, even if the drive attributes (its vendor, product name, GUID, or serial number) don't match the image ones. The drive size should always match.

- There was a spare attribute File Type for folders in the Get Info tab. Fixed.
- It was impossible to switch to a tab with an open partition by a double-click or by executing the Show Files command when another operation on that drive was in progress. Fixed.
- A progress indicator didn't appear on the respective tab when processing changes in file sorting. Fixed.
- Several internal bug fixes.

= Detailed, simple, and none scan views have been removed from the Scan dialog box.

R-Studio 9.4.191301/191303 Wed Apr 10, 2024
New features
+ Multitasking. Several different tasks can be performed simultaneously. For example, you can create a multi-pass image using a third-party hardware, scan a disk image, and recover files from another image, all at the same time. The number of concurrently performed tasks depends only on the computer efficiency (CPU, RAM, HDD/SSD, etc). Each task runs in its own tab and can be controlled individually. Computer shutdown takes place when all tasks are completed. The list of running tasks is displayed on the Main panel in the lower left corner.
+ Hidden devices. Devices that are not subject to scanning for data recovery can be hidden from the Main panel (System disks, devices for storing recovered data, etc). Such hidden devices are still accessible for storing recovered files, logs, scan info, etc.

* Information about saving system info and for times of recovery list export has been added to the Log.
* Runtime imaging can be started from the Create image dialog box in the Technician/T80+ versions.
* DDI built-in runtime image statistics has been improved.

= In the R-Studio Standalone and Corporate versions, running tasks are now shown in a tab.
= A new layout for the Settings window.

- Bad sector rating for files on partitions inside APFS containers didn't work. Fixed.
- The program confused / and \ (acceptable for file paths on the EXT* file systems) in file path separators when importing recovery file lists. Only / is now used as a path separator in recovery file lists.
- The Wipe command didn't work for locked disks/partitions. Fixed.
- Several crash causes have been eliminated.
- A lot of cosmetic bugfixes.

R-Studio 9.3.191269 Mon Jan 15, 2024
- The HTML template for file recovery lists was corrupted in R-Studio 9.3.191268. Fixed.
It's necessary to export it again to correctly customize it.

R-Studio 9.3.191268 Tue Jan 02, 2024
* "Recheck recovery chances" has been improved for existing files.

- R-Studio crashed when files from images were exported into a file recovery list from tabs others than Real. Fixed.
- No warning about enabled runtime imaging appeared when R-Studio was closed. Fixed.
- Some minor cosmetic bugfixes.

R-Studio 9.3.191259 Tue Nov 21, 2023
New features
The Technician/T80+ version
+ Some means to open deleted encrypted volumes have been added. This is especially useful for encrypted APFS volumes.

- Some small bugfixes.
The Technician/T80+ version
- There were discrepancies between final data on the Finished multipass imaging window and data in the Log. Fixed.

R-Studio 9.3.191251 Tue Oct 24, 2023
- The Known File Types button on the Scan dialog box may have become disabled when the Extra Search for Known File Types option was disabled. Fixed.
- R-Studio may have occasionally crashed when an old flash device was changed to a new one. Fixed.
- Some cosmetic bugs have been fixed.

Hexadecimal Viewer/Editor
- Autocorrection in Hexadecimal Viewer/Editor didn't correct knowingly incorrect numbers entered on the Search dialog box. Fixed.

R-Studio 9.3.191248 Tue Oct 10, 2023
* The Unlock encrypted drive dialog box shows now the BitLocker's Recovery Key Identifier.
* The compression speed has been increased for the rdi image type.
* Support for unicode symbols in the upper range (greater than FFFF) like Chinese symbols, emoji, etc has been improved.

- It was impossible to select a remote computer in the BitLocker's Select external key file dialog box (the Unlock by key file... and Load from a binary file... buttons). Fixed.
- Files with default names were incorrectly processed while saving logs, system dumps, etc. Fixed.
- When a flash drive was disconnected from, and a new flash drive was connected to, a remote computer, Open file... dialog boxes showed the old flash drives until it was clicked. The Refresh button didn't help. Fixed.
- The Ctrl+R key shortcut (Refresh) didn't work. Fixed.
- The program may have crashed when the Enable Write option in the Settings was changed when the Hexadecimal Editor/View was running. Fixed.

R-Studio 9.3.191230 Sat Aug 19, 2023
* NTFS deduplication processing has been improved.
* Passwords can be shown in their dialog boxes.
* It's now possible to mark/unmark empty folders through Find/Mark dialog box using the Mark All/Unmark All command.
* R-Studio now shows multi-pass imaging statistics after the imaging process is completed.

- The program may have frozen rarely while opening ext fs partitions.
- R-Studio couldn't correctly load multi-file images if their parts are located in different places. Fixed
- R-Studio may have aborted data recovery when the Skip button was clicked under some rare circumstances.

R-Studio 9.3.191227 Wed Aug 09, 2023
- Minor internal bugfixes.

R-Studio 9.3.191223 Tue Aug 01, 2023
New features
+ Support for the ReFS 3.10 file system.
+ Support for Bitlocker Drive Encryption. R-Studio can decrypt both BitLocker Drive Encryption and BitLocker ToGo volumes using either a password, recovery key, and a .bek file. R-Studio Technician/T80+ can also use FVEK (Full Volume Encryption Key) or VMK (Volume Master Key) data for decryption.
+ Support for VHD/VHDX/VDI disk image formats. All R-Studio versions can load these files, R-Studio Corporate and Technician/T80+ can create them.
+ Read-only support for the dmg files (Apple Disk Image: all versions ), e01/(ewf) files (Expert Witness File Format: R-Studio Technician/T80+), and aff files (Advanced Forensic Format: R-Studio Technician/T80+).
+ Support for creation of encrypted RDR image files (the main disk image format for all R-TT, Inc products).
+ Support for SCSI/NVME translation for external USB/NVME boxes. Among other things this makes it possible to obtain S.M.A.R.T. attributes for such devices.

* All data from the Properties tab can be copied in one command.
R-Studio Technician/T80+
* Multi-pass Imaging Phases can be enabled/disabled on-the-fly.
* Symlinks can be exported to custom recovery lists either as real folders or as symlinks.
* Search for files has been added to the HTML custom recovery lists.

= New icons for storage devices.

- Files with the question mark "?" in their names could not be saved to files recovery lists. Fixed.
- Bad sectors weren't saved to mask presets. Fixed.
- R-Studio may have crashed when the Save Marked to Runtime Image command was applied to a DDI drive.
- Some cosmetic and minor internal bugs have been fixes.

R-Studio 9.2.191166 Fri Jul 07, 2023
- A progress bar may have rarely crashed under specific circumstances: closing dialog box and showing a warning message at the same time. Fixed.
- The dialog box of file opening used with a connected remote computer may have crashed (the Windows version). Fixed.
- Sometimes, the device root wasn't marked as Root which led to problems in moving around files. Fixed.
- Folder-links may have been marked incorrectly when a recovery lists with file IDs was loaded. Fixed.
- Moving around links to folders which are actually files may have been incorrect. Fixed.
- Several bugs connected with symlink processing on UNIX file systems have been fixed.
- Detection of cyclic symlinks may have been incorrect. Fixed.

R-Studio 9.2.191161 Mon Jul 03, 2023
- Several minor internal bugfixes.

R-Studio 9.2.191153 Fri May 26, 2023
- Several cosmetic bugs have been fixed.

R-Studio 9.2.191144 Wed Mar 29, 2023
- A cosmetic bug on the Find/Mark dialog box in the R-Studio Standalone/Corporate licenses has been fixed.

R-Studio 9.2.191140 Fri Mar 24, 2023
New features
+ All S.M.A.R.T. attributes can now be copied through one action (The Copy All button on the S.M.A.R.T. panel).
+ The Options tab is added to the Wiping progress indicator.

* Progress display for the I/O monitor window has been improved.
* Last used paths are now saved in several new fields.
* The Cross link info has been added to the Get Info panel.
* Saving and loading of Broken File Name and Hidden Attribute parameters have been improved.
* Any files from Extra Found Files will not be recovered if there are their duplicates in the file systems (Root) when the Do not recover duplicate files from Extra Found Files option is selected. Earlier this option took effect only for recovered files.

= The FileID files parameter was moved to the top control box on the Find/Mark dialog box.

- The Runtime image status and Bad sectors columns were sorted incorrectly. Fixed.
- Reaction to incorrect Empty Space Size values in the RAID reconstruction module was dubious. Fixed.
- Bad sectors and Runtime image parameters could not be included into file mask presets. Fixed.
- The program may have crashed when the same partition got reopened in the same tab. Fixed.
- Several states of Recovery Chances may have been found incorrectly for FAT file systems. Fixed.
- The program may have crashed during multipass imaging with reverse reading and enabled scan. Fixed.
- An incorrect message "There is nothing to process using the specified settings" may have appeared when the disk object had bad sectors. Fixed.
- Data read speed was enormously slow for multipass imaging of FS only with reverse reading. Fixed.
- The program may have crashed when an unmounted CDROM drive was selected. Fixed.
- Data form the drive's first sectors wasn't included into the image when creating an multipass image of FS only with reverse reading. Fixed.
- Files were not always recovered from the Find Results pane. Fixed.
- Exported file recovery lists in the HTML format appeared broken if there were file names with quotes invalidating the HTML format. Fixed.
- Many cosmetic buxfixes in R-Studio and R-Studio Agent.

R-Studio 9.2.191126 Thu Feb 02, 2023
New features
+ Disk scan has become available during multi-pass imaging.
+ Search/mark/mask can be specified by bad sectors and runtime imaging status.
+ A completed runtime image can now be either resumed or re-written.
+ The creation time and accessed time data has been added to the forensic report.

* A data grid has been added to the I/O Monitor window.
* Keyboard navigation in the folder tree has been added to the HTML recovery lists.
* A sector map window may be opened directly from the message about successful opening the sector map file.
* A color scheme and legend have been improved on the I/O Monitor window.

- The I/O Monitor window showed incorrect info after resizing. Fixed.
- The I/O Monitor window showed broken pictures with 200% scaling. Fixed.
- An unnecessary message about post actions may have appeared in email notifications. Fixed.
- User's file type file may have been ignored during program startup. Fixed.
- R-Studio showed ? in names in links as small squares. Fixed.
- R-Studio couldn't find formatted exFAT partitions when they contained only root folders (without subfoders) and their roots was rewritten. Fixed.
- Unstable sectors were treated as bad. Fixed.
- An unnecessary tooltip may have appeared in the I/O Monitor window. Fixed.
- Sometimes incorrect marks may have appeared in the top level of the folder tree. Fixed.
- Incorrect data may have appeared in the Accessed Time column. Fixed.
- Some fixes in the algorithm of recovery chances estimation.

R-Studio 9.2.191115 Wed Jan 04, 2023
New features
+ Data storage types (SSD, HDD, USB, etc) info has been added to the Drives pane.

R-Studio Technician:
+ A new option "Skip files with bad sectors" has been added to runtime imaging of individual folders/files.
+ A new option "Unused clusters only" has been added to the multi-pass and complete runtime imaging options.
+ New file formats for recovery lists have been added: HTML, XML, JSON, and CSV. The new formats, especially the HTML one, allow the customers to easily edit recovery lists in their web browsers and then send edited lists back.

* Speed for runtime imaging of individual files has been significantly increased, especially for many small files. (R-Studio Technician)
* Several tabs can now be moved by dragging them with the mouse.
* Processing of various non-printable characters in file names has been improved.
* Hints for shortcut menu items are now shown in the status bar.
* Search for and opening of file regions is now faster.

= Save/Load File Names menu items and commands have been renamed to Export/Import Recovery List.

- The path to runtime image was processed incorrectly for runtime imaging on its dialog box. Fixed.
- Hardlinked files may have been recovered incorrectly. Fixed.
- The Estimated size value on the Create Image dialog window may have not changed when the Compression ratio slider was moved. Fixed.
- Files/folders with non-Latin names were not marked after recovery lists were loaded. Fixed.
- No read indicator (R) was shown on the I/O Monitors window while skipping slow areas. Fixed.
- All S.M.A.R.T. icons changed to green after a runtime image was connected. Fixed.
- Names of files which contained something similar to HTML tags may have been shown incorrectly. Fixed.
- Nothing was selected for the Copying mode options on the Smart drive copy tab in Drives Copy Wizard. Fixed.
- It was possible to clear the Enable write option even when runtime imaging was activated. Fixed.
- The program may have crashed when file sorting tabs were switched. Fixed.

R-Studio 9.1.191061 Wed Nov 23, 2022
R-Studio may have gone into an endless loop when opening large ext fs partitions. Fixed.

R-Studio 9.1.191060 Tue Oct 18, 2022
New features
+ The Options and I/O monitor buttons have been added to the Drive Copy Wizard progress dialog box.

* S.M.A.R.T. attributes detection has been improved.
* Symlink processing has been improved.
* Opening of partitions with the Ext file system has been accelerated.

- The Metafiles folder may have disappeared after Folder rescan. Fixed.
- Information about files marked for recovery was displayed incorrectly when a file mask was applied. Fixed.
- Options specified on the Options tab in the Drive Copy Wizard didn't work. Fixed.
- The program may have crashed sometimes. Fixed.
- Memory may have liked during the Recover All Files operation. Fixed.
- An incorrect log message may have appeared after recovery of files with broken names. Fixed.

R-Studio 9.1.191044 Fri Sep 16, 2022
* Discovery of symlink targets has been improved.

- R-Studio may have crashed when a file or folder was selected. Fixed.
- A previous file name may have appeared in a file path field together with a default file path. Fixed.
- Sometimes default file names may have not appeared in their respective fields. Fixed.
- Sometimes a query mark may have appeared instead of the Root text. Fixed.

R-Studio 9.1.191039 Thu Sep 01, 2022
- R-Studio may have processed huge ext4fs file systems for too long time. Fixed.
- The Hexadecimal editor didn't close an opened disk when disk wiping started. Fixed.
- It was impossible to stop disk actions with malfunctioning disks. Fixed.
- The Map of file command was active in the left pane of the R-Studio's panel. Fixed.
- Not all information was copied from the Get Info window. Fixed.
- The Files and Folders checkboxes were disabled by default on the Find/Mark dialog box. Fixed.
- File search and mask returned incorrect results for the Modification date. Fixed.
- The Yes to All and No to All buttons appeared on the Save scan info dialog box even when only one tab was opened. Fixed.

R-Studio 9.1.191029 Mon Aug 15, 2022
* Info about multi-pass imaging phases has been added to the log.

= The default system info file names have been changed to R-Studio-SystemInfo-yyyy-MM-dd.

- It was impossible to disable all additional phases for multi-pass imaging in order to enable only the main one. Fixed.
- R-Studio performed Slow areas and Retrying phases of multi-pass imaging even when when they were disabled. Fixed.
- The Map of file command was active in the left pane of the Content panel. Fixed.
- R-Studio threw a Corrupt data error message for ddrescue map files larger than 64kB. Fixed.
- It was impossible to perform sector map operations for incomplete images. Fixed.
- Not all info was copied from the Get Info window. Fixed.
- Missing disks added to Virtual Volume Set or Virtual Mirror couldn't be edit correctly. Fixed.
- Some partition and drive actions could be performed during disk operations like disk scan, RAID consistency check, and so on. Fixed.
- No progress bar was shown during manual update. Fixed.
- Some cosmetic bugfixes.

R-Studio 9.1.191026 Thu Jul 21, 2022
New features:
+ Support for 4k sector size for USB Stabilizer has been added.
+ A new command Close All Images has been added to close all opened images.

* The update process of USB Stabilizer drivers has been improved.

- R-Studio may have frozen while executing the Recover All Files command. Fixed.
- File sorting may have changed to default (Real file system) when the Show Files command was executed for an already opened tab, or the tab was moved, etc. Fixed.
- Child objects of a wiped drive/partition were not automatically deleted from the Device view pane. Fixed.
- Not all information from the Get Info window was copied. Fixed.
- Sometimes, R-Studio may have crashed on close. Fixed.

R-Studio 9.1.191020 Tue Jul 12, 2022
New features:
The following items have been added:
+ Support for the XFS file system;
+ Support for Intel Software RAIDs;
+ Data wiping for drives.

Additionally for the Technician versions:
+ Runtime imaging for individual folders/files;
+ Imaging of drive's file system (FS map) only;
+ Drive and file maps for all supported devices;
+ Drive imaging to a physical drive rather than to an image file;
+ New file hash functions sha1 and sha256 to forensic logs;
+ New extended options to control DeepSpar Stabilizer.

* A new option Check sectors status has been added to the Recheck Recovery Chances dialog box.

The Technician version
* File enumeration has been accelerated for DDI drives.
* Post Actions (Shut down the computer on task completion & E-mail options) have been added to the Options window.

= The I/O Options button has been renamed to the Options button.
= The Forensic Log Settings dialog box has been moved to the Forensic Log Settings tab on the Recover dialog box.

- The Close All command appeared in the Partition tab shortcut menu even only one tab was opened. Fixed.
- Questionable folders may have disappeared in the panels after Rescan Folder. Fixed.
- Not all information could be copied from the Get Info window. Fixed.
- Existing zero-sized files had the green mark for recovery chances. Fixed.
- The Preview command was active in the Find Results panel for zero-sized files. Fixed.
- A negative offset may have been entered into the I/O Monitor field. Fixed.
- An image of a password-protected APFS container could not be opened even with the correct password. Fixed.
- File marking results may have been different for different time format. Fixed.
- The information in the Disk Properties tab was updated incorrectly. Fixed.
- Data on virtual block RAIDs with disks with bad sectors may have read too slowly. Fixed.
- R-Studio may have crashed if USB Stabilizer wasn't off during the program closure. Fixed.
- R-Studio crashed when the byte-to-byte imaging was selected in a system with only one disk. Fixed.
-Many cosmetic bugfixes.

Test/hexadecimal editor:
- The Find previous command and reverse search may have executed incorrectly. Fixed.
- The Select From/To procedure didn't work correctly with the Search command.
- The search command may have been executed incorrectly when the Not equal option was enabled. Fixed.
- The Append command may have been executed incorrectly. Fixed.

R-Studio 9.0.190312 Mon Apr 25, 2022
* Two new options have been added for RapidSpar: Create Image and Complete Runtime Image.
* Estimation of recovery chances has been improved.
* The ISO image file type has been added to the File Types list.
* During execution of the Complete runtime image, I/O Monitor now shows the read speed of the disk rather than read/write speed.
* File System error message codes are expanded for deletion/move errors.

- R-Studio Technician for Mac/Linux couldn't be re-registered into the T80+ version. Fixed
- Multi-pass images with several takes were created incorrectly if the Perform reading in reverse order if possible option was selected. Fixed.
- I/O Monitor showed read speed incorrectly. Fixed.
- A sector map file was being written not as often as necessary while completing runtime imaging. Fixed.
- Masked marked files were incorrectly counted. Fixed.
- Tabs may have closed without a due warning. Fixed.
- Deleted files were not marked with the red cross in the Find Results pane. Fixed.
- The Recover Marked button may have been inactive after marking files using the Find/Mark dialog box and when the Skip files with bad sectors option is selected on the Recover dialog box. Fixed.
- The Recover Marked shortcut menu item and button remained inactive when a file was marked for recovery in the Find Results pane. Fixed.
- When there was not enough room for a large file and a new destination was assigned, the leftover of the file left in the first place. Fixed.
- Recovery froze and could not be resumed if a file name and path appeared too long. Fixed.
- Recovery froze from the Extensions tab when the Restore folder structure and Restore from root options were selected on the Recovery dialog box. Fixed.
- It was possible to perform many Drag&Drop operations while performing various drive tasks. Fixed.
- The OK button was active when the Password field was empty on the Enter the password dialog box. Fixed.
- An RDR-type image could not be correctly removed from a virtual RAID. Fixed.
- RAID-connected tabs didn't close when the RAID parameters were altered. Fixed.
- A Virtual Block RAID object may have frozen when another RAID parent was added. Fixed.
- Many cosmetic, wrong messages, and localization bugs have been fixed.

Text/hexadecimal editor:
- The content of the UNICODE and UNICODE+ columns may have merged. These columns could not be resized. Fixed.
- An unnecessary inquiry about overwriting a file after executing the Tools - Save to Binary File... or Save to Hexadecimal file command may have appeared. Fixed.

Third-party hardware:
- R-Studio may have crashed while working with DeepSpar DDI hardware. Fixed.

R-Studio 9.0.190296 Tue Mar 15, 2022
* When a user opens an already opened partition it brings the user to the corresponding tab.
* Option processing for the Find/Mark dialog box has been improved.

- When the recover options Restore folder structure and Restore from root were selected, the original Modified and Accessed timestamps were changed to the time of file recovery. Fixed.
- The program may have crashed when it tried to restore interrupted runtime imaging saved as a vmdk file. Fixed.
- The program may have crashed when connecting to a remote computer. Fixed.
- Some cosmetic fixes.

R-Studio 9.0.190295 Mon Feb 14, 2022
* R-Studio shows now S.M.A.R.T. attributes for NVME SSD devices.
* Detection of S.M.A.R.T. attributes have been improved for new hard drive modes.
* Processing of the .Trash folder has been improved for macOS file systems.
* Processing of encrypted APFS partitions has been improved.
* Detection of Disk identity parameters (Vendor name, Product name, Firmware version, Serial number) has been improved.
* Additional checks have been made for runtime imaging destinations and sector map files.

- Symlinked folders remained marked when their target were unmarked. Fixed.
- Files from symlinked folders may have recovered to incorrect places. Fixed.
- The Advanced Scan dialog box may have shown the Scan area parameter incorrectly after second clicks on the Advanced button. Fixed.
- Strings on Properties panel were selected incorrectly. Fixed.
- The Find/Mark dialog box could not show all opened partitions correctly when they were many. Fixed.
- R-Studio showed files in renamed folders as deleted, although they were not. Fixed.
- Mask presets with time periods 7, 14 days or 1, 3, 6 months, etc. created in version 9 were unnecessary converted to Customs. Fixed.
- R-Studio ver.9 may have crashed when opening older rdi images. Fixed.

Technician version:
- Objects could not be opened in the Hexadecimal editor from DDI drive map files. Fixed.
- R-Studio didn't always show S.M.A.R.T. attributes from USB Stabilizer. Fixed.
- Incorrect objects could be selected for a Destination drive for runtime imaging as Sector by sector clone on a physical drive.

R-Studio 9.0.190275 Fri Jan 28, 2022
New features:
+ Several disk objects can be opened in one tab. All these objects can be simultaneously searched for files, their files can be marked and recovered.
+ Drive imaging can be interrupted and then resumed. When the user stops an imaging process, they have two options: to discard an already created partial image file or to save it to resume drive imaging later. Created partial images can be loaded, too.
+ Some extended options have been added to the drive operation progress windows. They can be altered on-the-fly.
+ File types can be searched for on the Known File Types dialog box.

R-Studio Technician:
+ A new license type T80+. R-Studio T80+ is equal in its features to full-fledged R-Studio Technician, runs for a certain period of time, and during its validity period can be upgraded to R-Studio Technician for the initial price difference. The license price of 1 USD per day is very affordable for small businesses, computer repair shops, and individual data recovery contractors.
+ R-Studio Technician is now available on our public web pages and can be tested in the Demo mode.
+ Native support for data recovery hardware from DeepSpar: USB Stabilizer and RapidSpar. Such support allows the user of R-Studio to control hardware parameters directly from the R-Studio interface and create drive's sector maps to improve multiple data recovery operations.
+ Runtime imaging. R-Studio creates drive images in parallel with other drive reading operations. Next time when R-Studio accesses data from imaged drive areas it gets the data from the runtime image.
+ Multi-pass imaging. Images from problematic drives can be created through several phases reading data from good areas first and from bad and slow areas later. Such approach allows for extracting maximum possible amount of data even from quite faulty drives.
+ Support for sector maps, both in the R-Studio's format and in the third-party software ddrescue and HDDSuperClone formats.
+ I/O Monitor allows the user to inspect read/write operations in real time.

A full-featured hexadecimal editor is now available in the Technician/T80+ and Corporate versions.

* Support for macOS file vault has been improved.
* Symlink processing has been improved, including the Mark all and Unmark all commands.
* Execution of the Save All File Names / Load File Names commands has been accelerated.
* File type icons have been added to the Find Results (Find All Files) panel.
* Message display in the Log View panels has been improved.
* Recheck Recovery Chances has been improved.
* A warning message appears when the user tries to close tabs with open disks/partitions.
* The recovered part of a file will remain when the recovery process has been interrupted.

- R-Studio may freeze when opening a RAID created from disk images. Fixed.
- The Logical Sector Size parameters may have appeared twice on the IDE Properties tab. Fixed.
- R-Studio may have frozen when creating an image of a recognized partition. Fixed.
- Files didn't appear in the Find Results panel after they were unmasked if file sorting tabs were switched.
- R-Studio may not have found a file by its exact size. Fixed.
- FAT cross-linked folders may have been processed incorrectly. Fixed.
- Zero-sized files could be viewed in the built-in Text/Hexadecimal Editor and file previewer. Fixed.
- The FAT32 bitlocker to go couldn't be recognized. Fixed.
- A disk letter for a bitlocker volume didn't change when the disk letter for its partition was changed. Fixed.
- An image file from a remote computer could not be saved to either the remote computer or local one. Fixed.

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R-Studio: version history - Part II

Post by Alt » Sat May 07, 2016 5:05 pm

R-Studio 8.17.180955 Fri Nov 26, 2021
New features:
+ Support for the VMDK virtual disk format (open: all version, creation: Technician).
+ Support for the ReFS 3.7 file system (Windows Server 2022).

* Support for APFS sealed volumes created by macOS Big Sur and later.
* Read/write operations have been greatly accelerated for block RAIDs with small block sizes. E.g., the read speed for a 512b block has been increased from 5MB/sec to 100MB/sec.
* Read operations has been accelerated for block RAIDs by paralleling I/O operations for parent disks. E.g.,the read speed for a 3HD RAID5 has been increased from 100MB/sec to 190MB/sec.
* File system recognition has been improved for scanned APFS file system.
* R-Studio warns the user when an APFS disk is hardware encrypted or its decryption is possible only by using the iCloud account.

- S.M.A.R.T. for Intel NVME devices may have been displayed incorrectly. Fixed.
- R-Studio Agent may have crashed while shutdown. Fixed.
- The rdr image for an APFS container couldn't be parsed automatically and required refreshing. Fixed.
- R-Studio may have crashed while enumerating files on APFS file systems. Fixed.
- Metadata FS snapshot for a recognized APFS file system could not be saved. Fixed.
- An empty string appeared in the Drive type field in the Properties tab for an APFS volume. Fixed. R-Studio shows the "APFS Volume" string now.
- The mount driver may have loaded incorrectly under Windows XP/2003. Fixed.
- An image could not be created for a drive on a remote computer connected using R-Studio Agent. Fixed.

R-Studio 8.16.180499 Wed Mar 24, 2021
New Features:
+ Several file systems (the main and several reformatted ones) can now be found on one partition, if their traces remain in the boot records.

* APFS file systems and APFS Fusion Drives can be recognized on a pure hard drive without protective GPT partitions.
* The program checks that it works with the USB Stabilizer.

- The program may have gone into a loop and frozen at the last stage of partition recognition. Fixed.
- The program may sometimes have frozen when recognizing the file system. Fixed.
- When a partition without a file system on a MBR disk was formatted, the partition divided into a not-equal volume and partition. The were shown as two different objects. Fixed.
- When R-Studio found a direct volume on a flash drive, it didn't search for deleted partitions. Fixed.

R-Studio 8.15.180125 Mon Jan 04, 2021
- Sometimes R-Studio may have assembled non-conventional APFS Fusion drives incorrectly. Fixed.
- Several cosmetic bugfixes.

R-Studio 8.15.180091 Tue Dec 22, 2020
* The program now recognizes an APFS partition with an erased main files B-Tree.

- Several cosmetic bugfixes.

R-Studio 8.15.180015 Sun Dec 06, 2020
New features:
+ Virtual objects, like virtual RAIDs and regions, can be connected to the system as read-only virtual drives. Such drives are visible in and accessible to the system and other programs. (Technician version)
+ Folders, which are symbolic links to other folders (targets), can be shown as links, without showing the content of the targets. (Technician version)
+ Support for deduplication in the NTFS file system created by Windows Server 2019 has been added.
+ Support for the ReFS file system created by Windows Server 2019, including deduplication, has been added.
+ R-Studio Emergency can now run in 64-bit mode and use all available RAM to recover large hard drives.

* Recognition of NTFS file systems with some wiped parts has been improved.
* Icons have been redesigned for better resizing on HiDPI screens.
* Recognition of fat16/32 folders with small numbers (1-2) of files has been improved.
* Recognition of ext2/3/4 partitions with block sizes <=1024 bytes has been improved.
* Folder links comparison has been added for recognized ext2/3/4 file systems to improve the recognition of very small file systems (1 group/cylinder block) and the quality of recognized partitions.

- The program may have frozen during the opening or scan of some images. Fixed.
- The warning that a mask was applied my have not shown on tab titles. Fixed.
- NTFS file systems with the cluster size of 64k may have been processed incorrectly. Fixed.
- Scan info for objects found during the fast scan for lost partitions may have been saved/loaded incorrectly (incorrect parent objects). Fixed.

R-Studio 8.14.179693 Tue Oct 27, 2020
- R-Studio may have sometimes failed to find NTFS partitions without boot records. Fixed.
- File previewer didn't correctly display filenames with right to left scripts. Fixed.
- Sometimes it was hard to distinguish between font and highlight colors. Fixed.

R-Studio 8.14.179675 Mon Oct 05, 2020
New features:
+ Symbolic links may be hidden on the File Mask dialog box.
+ Symbolic links may be hidden by default on the Settings panel in the Technician version.

* R-Studio warns that a non-default port is selected for remote connection to R-Studio Agent.

- R-Studio treated folders with files hidden by an applied mask as empty folders and didn't show them when the Hide empty folders option is selected. Fixed.
- Empty folders may have been incorrectly recovered. Fixed.
- Mark/unmark records from file recovery lists were applied only to files visible after a file mask was applied. Fixed. Now the user is asked to apply the records to all files or only to files visible after a file mask was applied.
- R-Studio may have crashed when the Recover All Files command was started. Fixed.
- R-Studio may have frozen when a shortcut menu was invoked for an incremental image without one part. Fixed.
- Several internal fixes.

R-Studio 8.14.179597/179611/179623 Sep 15, 2020
New features:
+ Fast search for lost partitions has been added.
+ Support for the ISO9660 file system used in CDs/DVDs/ISO images has been added.
+ Support for the UStar/Tar/CPIO/Pax file systems used in tape storage devices has been added (Technician version).

* Extended control over file preview has been added. Files can now be marked for recovery, recovered, etc., directly from the built-in File previewer.
* Extended control and display of scanned and unscanned disk areas has been added.
* A special mark has been added for a folder with marked files that are hidden by the applied mask.
* A complete overhaul of symbolic and other links processing has been made.
* An option to recover only marked files matching the applied file mask or all marked files has been added to the Recover dialog box.
* The algorithm that estimates chances for successful file recovery has been improved.
* Interface localizations have been improved.

- R-Studio parsed only the GPT partition table, even when it was invalid, when both LDM/MBR and LDM/GPT were present on the disk. Fixed.
- The Recover marked command was inactive if marked files were invisible due to the applied file mask. Fixed.
- The Copy information command copied the information from the previous file when the information of the selected file didn't exist. Fixed.
- The Expand All command for the folder tree may have frozen on partitions with large numbers of folders. Fixed.
- The number of marked files may have been displayed incorrectly when the view was changed from Real, by Extension, by Time, etc. Fixed.
- Sometimes R-Studio may have crashed during file recovery. Fixed.
- Sometimes the built-in previewer may have frozen when showing damaged files. Fixed.
- Scan time and progress may have been displayed incorrectly while scanning several regions. Fixed.
- Disk scan may have crashed or frozen during the process and an attempt to stop it. Fixed.
- The Rescan the entire disk command may have failed for an already scanned disk. Fixed.
- The Scan dialog didn't size units when it was closed and then opened again. Fixed.
A lot of symlink processing bugs have been fixed, two being worst:
- If there was a symlink to another folder in a place to store recovered files, and there was a folder in the data for recovery which name coincided with that symlink's folder, the recovered data was written to the symlink's folder. That may have resulted in complete loss of files stored in the symlink's folder. Fixed. Now R-Studio saves recovered files only within the path(s) specified for storing recovered files.
- When files were marked and then umarked in a folder that was a symlink, the files in its target were unmarked, too. Fixed.
- Disс information wasn't renewed when the CD was ejected and the Refresh command was executed. Fixed.
- R-Studio tried to access an attached CD/DVD drive during device refresh which may have resulted in temporal freeze. Fixed. Now R-Studio accesses a CD/DVD drive only when it works with it. Fixed.
- Disk size wasn't shown for a CD/DVD disc under WIndows NT. Fixed.
- R-Studio may have temporally frozen while switching between the Real, Extension, XXX Time views for partitions with many folders. Fixed.
- Many internal bugfixes to improve program's efficiency.
- Some cosmetics bugfixes.
- Hexadecimal editor may have frozen while opening a multi-volume image. Fixed.

R-Studio 8.13.176095 Mon Apr 13, 2020
- Several bugs connected with DDI bad sectors processing have been fixed.

R-Studio 8.13.176093 Fri Apr 10, 2020
* DDI sector status has been added for folders.

- When the snapshot type was changed on the Save Debug File System Snap Shoot dialog box, its type and extension (rdr or fss) weren't changed. Fixed.
- The Option button and respective Tools menu item were active during the Check RAID Consistency operation. Fixed.
- File Previewer was not in sync with R-Studio tabs: when a tab in R-Studio was changed, the Next/Prev buttons continued moving Previewer through the old tab. Fixed.

R-Studio 8.13.176037/176051 Fri Mar 20, 2020
New features:
+ Deleted partitions can be instantly found, without long scan.
+ Files can be recovered or marked for recovery directly from File previewer.
+ The number of read tries for bad sectors can be changed during a disk

* DeepSpar Disk Imager sector status data is also used to estimate the chances of successful file recovery.
* FAT folders partially damaged within sectors are also enumerated.

- No messages appeared in the log when a scan process was interrupted. Fixed.
- When R-Studio accessed data inside an already opened part of a multi-part image, a request to open this part may have appeared. Fixed.
- A multi-part image may have been opened incorrectly if the parts were small. Fixed.
- Log information may have been incorrect when recovery was interrupted. Fixed.
- When opening the next in turn part of a multi-part image, it was possible to click the OK button without entering the required file name. The part was lost and no more inquires were issued. Fixed.
- Sometimes the program may have sent a wrong message about not enough space when the image was written to alternative paths. Fixed.
- The Advanced Scan dialog box may have been shown incorrectly. Fixed.
- R-Studio may have frozen or crashed while opening file systems. Fixed.
- The best copy of the FAT table for FAT12/16 file systems was determined incorrectly when it was determined sector-wise. Fixed.
- The path dialog box on the remote computer may have delayed for a long time if there were unaccessible connected network drives. Fixed.
- R-Studio may have found waste copies of GPT partitions if a GPT disk was reformatted to an LDM/MBR disk. Fixed.
- The program may have found some garbage GPT partition entries when those entries were re-written. Fixed. Now R-Studio checks their validity and cancels invalid records.
- Partitions could not be copied to an HDD with several partition tables (i.g., a GPT table and some deleted ones). Fixed.
- An extended debug file system snapshot could not be saved for disks with unsupported encryption methods. Fixed.
- Several small internal and cosmetic bugs have been fixed.
Text/hexadecimal editor:
- The offset field in the GoTo dialog box may have been shown incorrectly. Fixed.
- Strings may have been truncated on the Find Results panel. Fixed.

R-Studio 8.12.175721 Wed Dec 25, 2019
New features:
+ Support for the compression algorithms lzvn and lzfse has been added. They are used in the new HFS+/APFS versions.

- R-Studio may have crashed when creating an ext4 FS metadata image. Or it may have created it slowly. Fixed.
- R-Studio may sometimes have crashed when opening heavily corrupted file systems. Fixed.

R-Studio 8.12.175573 Sat Nov 23, 2019
- The program may have crashed while analyzing damaged Ext4FS file systems. Fixed.
- Sometimes program didn't switch to new alternative paths when it ran out of free space on the selected device. Fixed.
- An empty object Volume appeared in the Drives tree after a disk was unmounted. Fixed.
- Data in the Find All in the Text/Hexadecimal editor wasn't fully shown until the mouse was dragged over them. Sometimes the panel may have frozen. Fixed.

R-Studio 8.12.175481 Mon Oct 28, 2019
New Features:
+ Support for the APFS file system created by macOS Catalina has been added.
+ Support of the APFS Fusion Drive has been added.
+ Several paths can be immediately specified for multiple-volume images.
Technician version:
+ Alternative paths can be specified for places to store recovered files and images.
+ Post Action options have been added for unattended operations:
. Automatic shutdown once lengthy operations have completed: file recovery, disk scan, and disk imaging. When this option is specified, R-Studio checks that all relevant information (scan info, RAID layouts, etc) has been saved and advanced recovery features specified.
. Automatic email notification regarding operation success/failure.

* Search for deleted files has been improved for the Ext2/3/4 and UFS1/UFS2 file systems.
* File system reconstruction has been improved for APFS partitions.

R-Studio 8.11.175357 Tue Aug 27, 2019
New features:
+ Automatic recognition and assembly of complex disk manager objects whose components are also various disk manager objects. This may be useful for data recovery from various NAS devices.
+ Updated Windows driver that can mount R-Drive Image type (.rdr) images of hard drives, besides logical disks, as virtual hard drives in the system.

* The Open folder when done option has been added to the Recover dialog box.
* File enumeration speed has been increased by several dozen times for Ext2/3/4 and UFS1/UFS2 partitions.
* Folder scan to improve folder tree reconstruction on recognized Ext2/3/4 and UFS1/UFS2 partitions.
* Ext4fs extent reconstruction for large deleted files even if they are not in the file system journal.
* Network data recovery speed has been increased by several dozen times.

- R-Studio may have opened some partitions with large numbers of files for a long time. Fixed.
- The path selection dialog box may have frozen if some network drives were connected to the system under a user account. Fixed.
- R-Studio may have crashed during performing recheck recovery chances. Fixed.
- Volume labels may have been detected incorrectly for UFS1 partitions. Fixed.
- Idle RAID sequences may have appeared when a custom RAID was created. Those sequences could not be deleted. Fixed.
- When an invalid RAID table was applied, the program didn't throw a warning. Fixed.
- An incorrect minimum number of RAID table lines may have appeared for RAID0 and RAID4. Fixed.
- The cursor may have moved incorrectly when editing the RAID table. Fixed.
- Unit fields (TB, GB, MB) in the RAID editor may have worked incorrectly. Fixed.
- The Refresh DDI command may have appeared even when the DDI device was not connected. Fixed.

R-Studio 8.10.173987 Tue May 21, 2019
- R-Studio may have crashed when the Recheck Recovery Chances command was invoked. Fixed.

R-Studio 8.10.173981 Sun May 19, 2019
* LVM processing has been improved.

* Empty sequences were generated in the Sequences window when the Custom RAID type was selected. Those sequences could not be deleted. Fixed.
* The last valid RAID block order table was saved rather than the current invalid table. Fixed.
* The Get Info window showed wrong file info when sorting had been changed. Fixed.
* Clicking an empty space on the Get Info window opened Hexadecimal editor. Fixed.
* Files remained marked when files were recovered with the Do not recover duplicate files from Extra Found Files option enabled. Fixed.
* Not all information on Overlapping files and Regions when saving file names. Fixed.
* The Find/Mark dialog box didn't preserve selections for the Look At Files/Folders option. Fixed.
* A file and folder may have the same ID on the time/extension sorting tabs. Clicking such object may have resulted in jumping to another object with the same ID. For example, to a file with an ID randomly coinciding with the ID of a folder. Fixed.
* Saving file names for marked files didn't save names for files with links in their paths. Only link name was saved without files in the related folder. Fixed.
* Some small interface and cosmetic bugs have been fixed.

R-Studio 8.10.173857 Wed Apr 17, 2019
New features:
+ Get Info panel has been added to the Content pane. Detailed information about a selected file. Extended file information in the Technician version like disk regions, overlapping files, etc.
+ Advanced options have been added to file recovery lists in the Technician version: specific file system info, overlapping files, disk regions, etc.

* Files in Extra Found Files (raw files) can now be automatically excluded from recovery if they are duplicates of files found in the real file system.
* Support for NTFS cluster sizes from 128KB to 2MB has been added.
* The algorithm for estimation of file recovery probability has been improved.
* Memory usage has been optimized and debugged.
* The Reset button has been added to the RAID Parents tab. It resets RAID parameters to those set by the Apply button.

- Some text lines did not change when the interface language was switched. Fixed.
- R-Studio may have temporally frozen when opening an NTFS partition with many compressed files. Fixed.
- R-Studio may have opened APFS partitions with many files for a long time. Fixed.
- The Find Previous Version of the File command may have worked incorrectly. Fixed.
- Mask presets may have loaded incorrectly. Fixed.
- Date may have changed incorrectly in the File Mask dialog box. Fixed.
- Multiple files that occupy the same sector may have been shown incorrectly in Text/hexadecimal editor. Fixed.
- If files were manually unmarked, they could not be marked for recovery using the File/Mark dialog box. Fixed.
- Existing files may have been shown as deleted in cross-linked folders on FAT32 partitions. Fixed.
- Some file dates may have been saved to File Mask presets incorrectly. Fixed.
- R-Studio may have crashed when opening disk images. Fixed.
- The Show Files command in Text/hexadecimal editor may have stopped working if file region enumeration was interrupted by the user. Fixed.
- The Details/Icons view may have switched incorrectly when switching opened partitions. Fixed.
- Units in the Size fields on the Find/Mark dialog box were always reset to Bytes. Fixed.
- R-Studio may have frozen or crashed when the Reopen Drive Files button was quickly clicked several times. Fixed.
- Sometimes mdadm RAIDs could not be automatically assembled from images. Fixed.
- The Apply changes immediately option could be enabled only on the second attempt. Fixed.
- An incorrect RAID layout could be saved. Fixed.
- Any changes in fthe Block order table defaulted all other RAID parameters. Fixed.
- R-Studio may have frozen when one LDM disk was disconnected and the Reassemble button was clicked.
- R-Studio may have crashed when Text/Hexadecimal was opened from the Block information window when working with DDI. Fixed.

R-Studio 8.9.173593 Wed Dec 19, 2018
- The program may have crashed when parsing damaged xattr on the UFS2 file system
- Some small internal bugfixes

R-Studio 8.9.173589 Thu Dec 13, 2018
New features:
+ Estimation of chances for successful file recovery
+ Recovery of names and paths for files deleted to Recycle Bin and Trash
+ Support for ReFS 3.4 file system

* A complete redesign of the Find/Mark dialog box.
* The parsing and reconstruction of the FAT32 and NTFS file systems has been improved.
* The parsing of scanned APFS partitions has been improved, especially for large APFS file systems, for which the decrease of parsing time may reach several thousand times.

- Large ext4 file systems (60+TB) may have been processed incorrectly. Fixed.
- Sometimes the program may have crashed or frozen during file enumeration and disk scan. Fixed.
- The program may have written data to network drives incorrectly. Fixed.
- Sometimes file systems on automatically created virtual RAIDs may have been created incorrectly when the RAID parents were disk images. Fixed.

R-Studio 8.8.172035 Mon Oct 08, 2018
- Some encrypted APFS disks could not be opened. Fixed.
- No files (recovered, scan info, image) could be save to connected network drives or to any place defined as a UNC path (\\server\share\path). Fixed.
- The View/Edit command status (enable/disable) may have been incorrectly set. Fixed.
- Details/Small/Medium/Large Icons button status wasn't preserved during switching between opened file panels. Fixed.
- Program Uninstall wasn't digitally signed. Fixed.
- The Ignore file mask option was working incorrectly. Fixed.
- Some corrections have been made to various localizations.

R-Studio 8.8.171971 Mon Jul 23, 2018
- The same text with a different letter case may have been converted to the initial in the Find/Mark dialog box. For example, if the first search was for Alex* and the second one for ALEX*, the latter may have been automatically converted to Alex*. Fixed.
- File mark in a marked folder using the Look in From current folder / Current folder options may have worked incorrectly. Fixed.
- Request to save changes was always thrown in the Edit User's File Types window even when all changes had been canceled. Fixed.
- Mark/Unmark commands may have worked incorrectly for an empty folder selected in the Folders pane. Fixed.
- When file icons were selected, R-Viewer's icon may have sometimes appeared in the task bar. Fixed.
- Several cosmetic bugs have been fixed.

R-Studio 8.8.171951 Wed Jul 11, 2018
New features:
+ A completely overhauled file previewer which can now show picture tiles and first frames of video files as icons, and supports a large number of video/audio/graphic/document file formats. These files can now be played back without their respective applications installed.

* Processing of APFS file systems has been improved.

- File enumeration on huge APFS file systems may have been slow. Fixed.
- Non-resident symlinks may have been parsed incorrectly on NTFS file systems. Fixed.
- The program may have crashed when an advanced mask was used. Fixed.
- The Parents tab may have disappeared when an rdr-compatible image was added to a virtual RAID. Fixed.

R-Studio 8.7.170955/170939 Wed Apr 25, 2018
New features:
+ Support has been added for APFS (including encryption), a new Apple file system introduced in macOS High Sierra.

* Folder tree reconstruction has been improved for supported file systems.
* User's known file types immediately become marked upon loading.

- When a Reverse RAID had been created for an object and then deleted, the Delete Reverse RAID command remained active for that object, and the Create Reverse RAID command inactive. Fixed.
- Icons of deleted objects may have remained in the Drives panel. Fixed.
- Sometimes the red highlighting of incorrect values may have flashed even when correct values were entered. Fixed.
- The Find Previous button may have remained active when the search reached the last match. When the button was clicked the last match was highlighted again. Fixed. Now the message that the search is over is thrown.
- The Reload User's File Types button on the Setting/Known File Types tab was active even when there was no user's file types loaded. Fixed.
- If the user's known file types were not saved, all known file types may have become unchecked during disk imaging and simultaneous scanning. Fixed.
- R-Studio may have frozen while working with a remote computer. Fixed.
- Help may have stayed open even when the program was closed. Fixed.

R-Studio 8.5.170237 Mon Mar 19, 2018
* Detection of FAT32 disks has been improved.

- The program may have crashed during disk scan. Fixed.
- The Drive panel may have shown "ghost" logical disks created by Windows. Fixed.
- The file viewer may have frozen while playing a movie file. Fixed.
- Several bugs in the file viewer have been fixed.
- The program may have confused a real multi-parent object (a Windows Storage Space, LVM, etc.) and its image. Fixed.
- RAID6 and mdadm/LVM containers may have been processed incorrectly. Fixed.
- An already unlocked Apple CoreStorage may have been unlocked again. Fixed.

R-Studio for Windows 8.5.170117 Thu Dec 21, 2017
- Corrections in several language localizations.
- Some cosmetic bugs have been fixed.

R-Studio for Windows 8.5.170098 Thu Dec 14, 2017
New features:
+ Support for Windows Storage Spaces created by Windows Fall Creators Update has been added.
+ Components management for various disk and volume managers (LVM, LDM, WSS, AppleRAID, etc.) has been added.
+ Compressed images (the R-Drive Image type, .rdi) can now be mounted as virtual disks to make them accessible for other software.
+ Drive auto-refresh can now be enabled/disabled. This feature is useful when a failing drive is connected.

* Processing speed of the NTFS file system has been increased.
* Processing of NTFS $BitMap file has been improved.

- Local time zones were not taken into account when comparing file time stamps. Fixed.
- File viewer didn't change its language when the language had been changed in R-Studio. Fixed.
- Dependent file types were selected incorrectly. Fixed.
- Files from transacted NTFS systems may have recovered incorrectly. Fixed.
- The Mark command on the Tools menu may have become inactive after manual unmarking. Fixed.
- During program closure removable devices may have been blocked until the process had been finished. Fixed.
- During startup R-Studio requested IDE info from USB disks which resulted in a long delay. Fixed.
- Check for update may have worked incorrectly. Fixed.
- The "Select All" button on the Known File Types tab may have worked incorrectly. Fixed.
- When recovering files from a remote computer, the Recover Marked command recovered not only marked files in their folder, but all files in all folders up to the device root. Fixed.
- Sometimes folder/file tree on the HFS+ file system may have been re-constructed incorrectly. Fixed.
- Several cosmetic bugs have been fixed.

R-Studio for Windows 8.3.169775 Thu Oct 05, 2017
* Improved processing of NTFS and FAT/exFAT partitions

- R-Studio asked the user if the hidden and/or system file attributes should be removed when such files are set to not be shown in the system. Now this question is always asked regardless of those settings.
- The View/Edit shortcut command was enabled for the file type folders in the Raw Files section. Fixed.
- Log message filtering worked incorrectly. Fixed.
- Changes in the Advanced section of the Find/Mark dialog box were saved even this section was disabled. Fixed.
- When recovered files with the same access time were saved to a disk with another file system with a different time accuracy, this difference was not taken into account. Fixed.
- Long text strings might be truncated in the Log pane and some dialog boxes. Fixed.
- The number of files shown in the "Total files searched" field might be incorrect. Fixed.
- Excessive files might be marked in Extra Found Files. Fixed.
- The File Mask dialog box didn't store mask history. Fixed.
- The Show files command for Raw files was disabled in the Text/hexadecimal editor. Fixed.
- A removed object (a deleted virtual RAID or disconnected USB drive) might remain opened in the Text/hexadecimal editor. Fixed.
- The Text/hexadecimal editor remained opened when R-Studio was closed. Fixed.

R-Studio 8.3.168075 Fri Aug 04, 2017
- Several bugs that might result in program crashes are fixed.

R-Studio 8.3.168003 Thu Jun 22, 2017
* Automatic check for new versions
* Improved preview for video files
* Improved preview for pdf files

- several internal fixes

R-Studio 8.3.167546 Thu Apr 27, 2017
New features:
+ Support for mdadm RAIDs
+ Support for Apple CoreStorage/File Vault/Fusion Drive
+ Automatic recognition of newly connected/disconnected USB devices.

* Improved support for the NTFS log.

- Object properties could be changed during its scan, Check RAID consistency, and Show drive map.
- A collapsed device/disk tree could expand during some operations. Fixed.
- Several cosmetic bugs are fixed.
Hexadecimal Editor:
- Not all templates fit into its drop-down box. Fixed.
- Several instances of the editor could be applied to one object. Fixed.
R-Studio Emergency
- R-Studio Emergency didn't load user templates. Fixed.
- File size and time comparison didn't work on the Recover dialog box. Fixed.

R-Studio 8.2 build 165337 Tue Jan 24, 2017
New features:
+ Support for the ReFS2+ file system (Windows 2016 Server)
+ Support for NTFS deduplication
+ New extended duplicate file processing options

* Improved support for the NTFS log
* Extended recovery log
* Improved data copy in Hexadecimal editor.
* A file path can be scrolled and copied in the File already exists dialog box.

- When saving, the Define Files Mask panel might change file extensions to regular expression. Fixed.
- Data copy commands might work incorrectly on the Properties tab. Fixed.
- Time zones were not taken into account when sorting files by time, files might appear in the previous day. Fixed.
- HFS+ metafiles with the same m_vlOriginalFileId might be duplicated. Fixed.
- A reverse RAID object was not deleted when its last parent had been deleted and this object was impossible to create again. Fixed.
- The Raw Files object might appear higher in the Drives panel than Recognized partitions. Fixed.
- In some cases, File Signature editor incorrectly interpreted hex values. Fixed.
- Some templates in Hexadecimal editor did not fit into the drop-down box. Fixed.
- Some first messages were missed in the log. Fixed.

R-Studio 8.1.165145 Tue Oct 25, 2016
New features:
+ Support for NVME devices.
+ File mask presets.

* Support for Windows Storage Space created by Windows 10 Anniversary update.
* Greatly improved raw file search (data recovery using file signatures):
- better recognition of mp3 and mkv files;
- a special parser for mts, mpeg, flv, and gz files;
- file names from internal tags for pdf, docx, doc files;
- support for time+manufacturer+gps for mov files created by iPhone6 and later models.
* S.M.A.R.T. support for disks storing S.M.A.R.T. threshold data in a non-standard place.
* Files which date are not within the "1970 - the current year" interval are placed to the Invalid Time folder.

- If R-Studio itself cannot find the DDI adapter on several network interfaces, the user can do that manually.
- The number of marked files and folders wasn't changing while files were being recovered. Fixed.
- Incorrect values when units were changed from Hex to Sectors. Fixed.
- Sometimes R-Studio increased the values for month and day by one during file search and setting a file mask. Fixed.
- Many cosmetic bugs are fixed.

R-Studio 8.0.164761 Thu Aug 11, 2016
- The Find/Mark dialog box is re-invoked in the Advanced mode if it was in that mode last time. It also keeps those last advanced search/marked parameters.
Text/hexadecimal editor:
- A GoTo dialog box can be invoked by clicking the Offset field on the Status bar.
- The cursor position can be copied from the GoTo dialog box.

- The program could hang when a partition was opened with files sorted by time stamps. Fixed.
- The Apply changes immediately checkbox had to be clicked twice to become selected. Fixed.
- Reverse RAIDs could be created incorrectly for virtual RAIDs. Fixed.
- The Copy Text command might copy information incorrectly when files were sorted by timestamps and extensions. Fixed.
- It was impossible to enter HEX data on the Scan dialog box. Fixed.
- Changes to custom known file types were not applied immediately. Fixed.
- Group Description for the user known file types might loose its manual changes when other fields were changed. Fixed.
- The Set for all drives button on the Settings/Bad Sectors tab remained active after it had been clicked and, therefore, the settings had been applied to all drives. Fixed. Now the button becomes active only when some changes for a drive have been made on the Properties tab.
- The scan info might disappear from the Drives view when the scan was stopped and then continued, although it appeared again when the scan was stopped again. Fixed.
- An empty RAID Sequences window remained after its RAID object had been deleted. Fixed.
- Several cosmetic bugs are fixed.
Text/hexadecimal editor:
- Text wasn't scrolled to when the cursor position was changed and data representation was switched to Data or Text. Fixed.
DDI integration:
- It was impossible to enable the Bad sectors column once it had been disabled through the shortcut menu. Fixed.

R-Studio 8.0.164571 Thu May 26, 2016
New features:
Text/hexadecimal editor:
+ Search for Not equal string is added.

* R-Studio shows overall HDD SMART status using HDD icons in the Drive View.
* R-Studio shows hard links, symbolic links, and their targets using different icons.
* Faster Open Drive Files operation.
* 4 digits are used for the Year field on the Find/Mark dialog box.
* Scrollbars are added to the Scan Information and Parents tab.
* R-Studio creates a new forensic log file only when the computer configuration has been changed.
* R-Studio writes the CaseName/Number/Operator info to the forensic log for each session.
Text/hexadecimal editor:
* Search for Not equal string is added.
* The Copy command is active only when some data is selected.
* The status bar now shows the cursor offset in the decimal format, too.

= The Metadata file types are made invisible on the Known File Types dialog boxes. They are data on a disk rather than actual files, and have no effect on the search for known file types.

- R-Studio might crash when it tried to open a partition by file extensions or times. Fixed.
- Negative values might appear in input data fields when KB, MB, GB were changed. Fixed.
- A single byte might be pasted incorrectly through the Paste and Load From File commands. Fixed.
- Texts in the status bar might overlap. Fixed.
- Long texts in dialogs might be shown incorrectly. Fixed.
- Known File Types sets in the Settings and Disk Scan dialog boxes might be different. Fixed.
Text/hexadecimal editor:
- Reverse Search From current position might start search from the end of file. Fixed.
- Text display and scrolling might work incorrectly. Fixed.

R-Studio 8.0.164541 Tue May 10, 2016
- R-Studio might crash when opening files on a disk. Fixed.

R-Studio 8.0.164486 Tue May 10, 2016
- R-Studio might crash during startup or scan. Fixed.

R-Studio 8.0.164464 Sat May 07, 2016
New features:
+ A new data analyzing and recovery kernel that improves data recovery speed and results.
+ Symlink recovery options in the Technician version.
+ File system journal processing for the HFS+ and Ext3/4fs file systems to increase a number of successfully found files.
+ Soft updates journal processing for enhanced recovery on UFS partitions.
+ Support for extended attributes in the HFS+, Ext3/4fs, and UFS file systems. This refines recovery of the Mac OSX Time Machine and Linux selinux ACL.
+ Support for compressed files in the HFS+ file system.

* Optimized memory usage for large disk scanning.
* Improved folder tree discovery for deleted files on the Ext3/4FS and UFS partitions.
* A regular region can be converted into an exclusive one.
* An exclusive region can be of any size fitting the disk. Previously it could only be equal to the disk size.
* Improved S.M.A.R.T. information monitoring
* Some information, including file paths, can be copied from the File View panels.
* Debug information can be saved not only in the fss format, but in the rdr format, too. This format includes all file system meta data, but much less in size when a compressed disk image.
* The scrollbar in the Hexadecimal editor now shows the selected area.

- R-Studio might crash during scan. Fixed.
- Names of several S.M.A.R.T. attributes were corrected.
- Incorrect work of the Select All and Clear All buttons on the Settings -> Known File Type tab. Fixed.
- Incorrect work of the Set as Default and Revert to Default buttons on the Scan -> Known File Type dialog box. Fixed.
- There was no inquiry about creating a new folder when it was specified in the Specify the target folder field. Fixed.
- When a large piece of data was being written to an unlocked disk in the Hexadecimal editor, the Lock Drive message appeared several times. Fixed.
- Selection disappeared when the cursor was moved in the Hexadecimal editor. Fixed.
- Selection in the Hexadecimal editor was not shown when the Select From command was activated. Fixed.
- Select, copy, and paste did not work in the Find dialog box in the Hexadecimal editor. Fixed.

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R-Studio: version history - Part III

Post by Alt » Fri Jul 07, 2023 1:13 pm

R-Studio 7.8.161189 Tue Mar 29, 2016
- Sometimes symlinked folders might be recovered incorrectly. Fixed.

R-Studio 7.8.160829 Fri Mar 18, 2016
* Enhanced exclusive region controls.

- Some folders might be lost during recovery of symlinked folders. Fixed.
- The hidden attributes message might appear during Extra Found Files recovery when the Restore folder structure and Restore from root options were enabled. Fixed.
- Selected Known File Types could be changed only from the Settings tabs.
- Changes in customer's known file types were not applied immediately. Fixed.
- Region parameters were edited and created incorrectly. Fixed.
- R-Studio might start disk scan even when no file system and no known file types were selected.
- The overall progress bar was not always be shown during data recovery. Fixed.
- Dialog boxes drop their values when the value changed from KB to GB
- R-Studio might crashed when saving RAID0 and RAID1E description files. Fixed.
- R-Studio might not load customer's RAID description files. Fixed.
- Parity settings might overwrite the number of rows. Fixed.
- Many cosmetic bugs were fixed.

R-Studio 7.8 build 160621 Tue Dec 29, 2015
New features:
+ Support for Windows Storage Spaces created or updated by Windows 10 Threshold 2.
+ Support for unsynchronized Windows software RAIDs.
+ A new advanced algorithm for recovering exFAT partitions.

* RAID layout description files now store actual RAID parents. They can be automatically loaded into the RAID parents from the Drives list.

= A new format for RAID layout description files. The old RAID layout description files are still supported.

- Sometimes R-Studio could not find exFAT partitions during disk scan. Fixed.
- Custom offsets were selected incorrectly during automatic RAID parameter recognition. Fixed.

Build-in editor:
- The editor showed incorrect Windows time, DOS time, and Unix time. Fixed.
- Custom templates could not be loaded. Fixed.
- The editor hanged when trying to write something to Sector 0 in an off-line disk. Fixed.

R-Studio 7.7.159851 Thu Oct 22, 2015
* The raw file recovery algorithm (search for Known File Types) is greatly improved. The entire file signature database was checked and corrected.

- When the Apply button became active after some changes in the RAID layout, it was necessary to click twice the Apply changes immediately option to activate it. Fixed.
- It was impossible to select Custom in the Block order option when a RAID layout type was selected. Fixed.
- Some cosmetic and localization bugfixes.

R-Studio 7.7.159747 Thu Sep 24, 2015
* R-Studio Agent shows its host IP address.
* Improved Windows Storage Spaces processing: if their parents have time-inconsistent databases, the last valid database is selected.

= Custom RAID layouts are created now a bit differently.

- Sometimes a search for a file operation might result in a program crash. Fixed.
- File search for recursively interlinked files in Directory Junctions might result in an endless cycle. Fixed.
- The system might run out of memory when a system dump was being created for an image of a large (several TBs) disk with hundreds incremental/differential backups. Fixed.
- Sometimes it was impossible to create a custom RAID layout. Fixed.
- Some RAID description files could be loaded incorrectly. Fixed.
- Large Windows Storage Spaces (dozens of TBs) were processed incorrectly. Fixed.
- While checking RAID consistency, R-Studio showed sectors with 0 as consistent data (green), although it should be white. Fixed.
- A large file (within the size of the changes buffer) was loaded from, and saved to, the disk very slowly. Fixed.
- Several cosmetic bugfixes.

R-Studio 7.7.159562 Fri Aug 14, 2015
* Support for storage spaces in windows 10 RTM
* Improved support for NTFS $LogFile
* Improved file recovery from FAT32 disks
* Improved support for BIOS RAID in R-Studio Emergency and R-Studio Agent Emergency

- Incorrect loading of RAID 5 RAID description file. Fixed.
- R-Studio might crash when loading user’s known file type description file. Fixed.

R-Studio 7.7.159213-7.7.159222 Tue Jul 28, 2015
* When enumerating files on a FAT partition, R-Studio detects deleted files which cannot be correctly located due to corruptions in file systems made by Windows when it deletes a large number of files. In this case R-Studio throws a warning asking the user to scan the disk to located those files correctly.

- When very many files were recovered, the progress window might be visible for sometimes even when file recovery was completed. Fixed.
- Windows 10 might be incorrectly recognized as Windows 8.1. Fixed.

R-Studio 7.7.159204 Sat Jul 18, 2015
* The file recovery algorithm has been optimized.

= The Show Files in HexEditor command has been moved from the shortcut menu to the File menu.

- Once enabled, the Show files in Hexadecimal Editor command could not be disabled. Fixed.

R-Studio 7.7.159149 Mon Jul 13, 2015
New features:
+ A new advanced algorithm for raw file recovery (search for file signatures).
+ The Hex editor extension: A file location is shown in a particular disk sector.
+ Support for Directory Junctions and Symbolic Links.

* Now R-Studio shows extra files found by their file signature both in the Raw Files folder and in recognized partitions.

- When recovering Directory Junctions, R-Studio might save files to the Directory Junctions symbolic paths rather than to the recovery path. Fixed.
- The Save File Names command didn’t work from the extension and time stamps tabs. Fixed.
- R-Studio asked to save scaninfo before initial scanning an opened image or loading scan info. Fixed.
- R-Studio attached recognized partitions from an opened dsk disk image to those on the original hard drive. Fixed.
- R-Studio cut text strings in the progress window. Fixed.
- Anytime the Settings were changed R-Studio asked to re-write its log. Fixed.
- The Maximum messages in the Event Log option on the Settings/Log tab didn’t work. Fixed.
- The Apply changes immediately option could be enabled only after the second click after changing parameters on the RAID Parents tab.

R-Studio 7.6.158796 Tue May 19, 2015
- Sometimes R-Studio showed folders deleted from the root folder in Extra Found Files rather than in the root folder. Fixed.
- RAID consistency check once stopped could not be continued. Fixed.

R-Studio 7.6.158715 Sun May 10, 2015
New features:
+ Improved emergency startup for Mac computers.

* The log data can now be appended to an existing file.

- Slow recovery of many small files (>10,000). Fixed.
- Directory Junctions weren’t showed correctly under Windows. Fixed.
- The Save File Names to File didn’t work on the extension and time sorting tabs. Fixed.
- After the Load File Names command R-Studio switched to the tab from which the file names were saved. Fixed.
- The Add to RAID menu didn’t have scrolling. Fixed.
- R-Studio might not show the overall data recovery progress. Fixed.
- R-Studio sometimes didn’t show correctly progress for some operations like partition opening, imaging. Fixed.
- When working with DDI, the information in the Status: B/C column might disappear when switching the file sorting tabs (extension, times). Fixed.

R-Studio 7.6.156767 Wed Apr 01, 2015
- R-Studio might crash when many images were open one after another. Fixed.
- The Load/Save files list command might not work when files were sorted by extension or time stamps. Fixed.
- Several cosmetic fixes for the Settings dialog box.
- Cosmetic fixes for the S.M.A.R.T. tab.
Hexadecimal editor:
- The changes buffer might work sloppy for very many changes. Fixed.
- An extra right character was saved to the file when a command Save to Hexadecimal File was performed for a selected area. Fixed.
- The Text/hexadecimal editor sometimes didn’t refresh its status bar. Fixed.
- The cursor might slightly get onto the next character. Fixed.
- Search was conducted over unchanged data if changes in the data had not been saved. Fixed.
DeepSpar integration:
- When performing the Refresh command on the shortcut menu, R-Studio refreshed the previous DeepSpar disk. Fixed.
- R-Studio didn’t unmark files after the Clone marked file sectors command had been performed for DeepSpar disks. Fixed.
- The Clone file sectors command didn’t work when files were sorted by extension or timestamps. Fixed.

R-Studio 7.6.156433 Wed Feb 04, 2015
New features:
+ Accelerated disk scan for fast-read devices.
+ Search for deleted file versions. R-Studio can search for deleted file versions using their sizes, names and extensions, and recognized file types as the search parameters.

* More reliable and significantly faster recognition of NTFS and FAT partitions.
* Files found using both search for known file types and file record analysis are now shown only in the file/folder structure.
* Improved data selection in the Hexadecimal editor. Now the beginning and end of the area to be selected can be set by the Select from and Select to commands in the shortcut menu.
* Appending data to an existing file in the Hexadecimal editor. A file fragment selected in the editor can be appended to an existing file.
* An external file can be loaded to a selected position in the file opened in the Hexadecimal editor.
* The Hexadecimal editor shows the serial number for the parent hard drive when editing a virtual RAID.
* The Hexadecimal editor shows now a search position together with the progress bar.
* An updated French help and manual.

- Sometimes scan might freeze. Fixed.
- When a created virtual object like a region, RAID, image, etc, was deleted, its scan info remained somewhere under the root object Local Computer, and no command can be executed upon that info. Fixed, now R-Studio asks to save that scan info before deleting the object.
-When a connection to a remote computer was lost, all open tabs (disks or partitions) from that computer remained in R-Studio. Fixed.
- Incorrect log data for file recovery in the Demo mode: all files were counted as recovered, even they could not recover due to Demo mode restrictions. Fixed.
- Names, Labels, and File Systems were lost for objects in an exclusive region when it was edited. Fixed.
- It was impossible to enter hex values in the offset field in the Hexadecimal editor. Fixed.
- Somtimes data search didn't work in the Hexadecimal editor, and it was impossible to stop it. Fixed.
- Some settings like a path to the user's known file type file were GUI language-dependent. When the language was changed, they got lost, when the language was changed back, they appeared again. Fixed.
- Sometimes “Error creating system snap shot for...” appeared in the log when a FS Snapshot was created. Fixed.
- Sometimes R-Studio crashed when the Clone file sectors command was executed for a file on a DDI disk. Fixed.

R-Studio 7.5.156219 Tue Oct 21, 2014
- R-Studio sometimes couldn’t select a file system to scan. Fixed.

R-Studio 7.5.156211 Thu Oct 16, 2014
New features:
+ Support for Windows Storage Spaces created by Windows 10. Now R-Studio can process WSS created by Windows 8/8.1 and 10, both with automatic recognition and manual adding their parents.
+ Support for software Apple RAIDs created by the Mac OSX system. R-Studio can automatically recognize and assemble them from their members. Members with severe corrupted RAID parameter records can be added manually.
+ Support for Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM/LVM2). R-Studio can automatically recognize and assemble its volumes from their components even if RAID parameter records are slightly damaged. Components with severe corrupted RAID parameter records can be added manually.

R-Studio 7.3.155233 Sun Aug 10, 2014
New features:
+ Support for Windows Storage Spaces. R-Studio can automatically recognize and assemble Windows Storage Spaces from their parents even if their databases are slightly damaged. Their parents with severe corrupted storage pool databases can be added manually.
+ Support for DiskSpare Disk Imager (DDI) images and disk maps. R-Studio can read and process images and disk maps created by standalone DDI hardware.

* When recovering data over network, R-Studio now processes virtual block RAIDs, as other objects, on the remote side, avoiding large data transfers over the network.
* R-Studio Demo can recover files up to 256 KB.
* The scanning stop procedure is improved: scan information can be saved before stopping.

- Sometimes R-Studio might cut recognized partitions on virtual RAIDs. Fixed.
- R-Studio might incorrectly found places on disks where deleted files/folders were placed if their MFT records were overwritten by new files/folders. Fixed.
- S.M.A.R.T. info for new disks might be detected incorrectly. Fixed.
- File search for cyclic simlinks might work incorrectly. Fixed.

R-Studio 7.2.155152 Thu Jul 10, 2014
* Support for high dpi screens.
* R-Studio warns when attempting to connect to an already connected remote computer and blocks such attempt.

- Changing values for Virtual Memory on the Settings/Memory panel resulted in changes for Physical Memory, and vice versa. Fixed.
- The Memory size parameter was incorrectly manually edited on the Settings/Memory panel. Fixed.
- The Create scan information file option on the Create Image dialog box was enabled by default. Fixed.
- Old parameters remained after a new RAID parameter detection. Fixed.
- Negative values might appear in the Detection Rate during RAID parameter detection. Fixed.

R-Studio 7.2.155117 Tue Jun 10, 2014
1. Sizes of recognized partitions on virtual RAIDs might be shortened. Fixed.
2. R-Studio might show deleted files/folders which MFT records were occupied with new ones on wrong places. Fixed.
3. Sometimes Detection Rate might might show negative values during RAID parameter detection. Fixed.
4. A default Crash Report filename contained an illegal character :. Fixed.
5. R-Studio didn’t take into account folder’s hard links during file search. (It didn’t show files in hard links.). Fixed.

R-Studio 7.2.155105 Wed May 28, 2014
New features:
+ Hardlink recovery for HFS+ and NTFS.

- When auto-detecting RAID parameters, R-Studio not always selected the best variant. Fixed.
- Incorrect symbols in the License Agreement. Fixed.
- Incorrect behavior of the Failed hardlink recovery dialog box. Fixed.
- The Create scan information option was selected by default on the Create Image dialog box. Fixed.
- R-Studio failed to create an image when a new folder was selected. Fixed.
- R-Studio might freeze when attempting to open a file of a multi-file image with some other files moved to another place. Fixed.

R-Studio 7.2.154997 Thu Mar 13, 2014
* R-Studio shows S.M.A.R.T. data for disks on a remote computer.

- Some small bugfixes.

R-Studio 7.2.154989 Thu Mar 06, 2014
New features:
+ S.M.A.R.T. attribute monitoring. R-Studio can display S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) attributes for hard drives to show their hardware health and predict their possible failures. Any unnecessary work with such hard drives should be avoided if S.M.A.R.T. warnings appear.
+ New GUI languages added: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Portuguese.

- No message was shown when no offset were found during RAID parameter detection. Fixed.
- The message “RAID structure has been changed. Click Apply to commit changes.” appeared for all RAID layouts even only one RAID layout had been changed. Fixed.
- An opened compressed image might disappear from the Drives pane when an element of its reverse RAID had been removed. Fixed.
- The RAID consistency check process stopped when any value was entered into the Offset field. Fixed.
- There was no warning about re-writing the scan info file when a new pair of a disk image and scan info files were to be written over the existing one. Fixed.
- It was impossible to change scan parameters for simultaneous disk scanning and imaging. Fixed.
- A Check RAID consistency process could not be resumed after a stop unless the RAID was re-created. Fixed.
- It was possible to connect a single remote computer any times, and the same numbers of that remote computer would appear in the Drives panel. Fixed.
- Many cosmetic bugs.

R-Studio 7.1.154569 Mon Dec 23, 2013
* Known File Type parsing is improved.

- Incorrect positioning of the RAID Sequences window. Fixed.
- When using a shortcut menu, it was unclear to which object an Empty space object is to be added. Fixed.
- Incorrect name for the Choose Variants window. Fixed.

R-Studio 7.1.154535 Fri Dec 06, 2013
Maintenance release.

R-Studio 7.1.154533 Wed Dec 04, 2013
New features:
+ Reverse RAIDS: This technique enables the user to decompose a real disk object into a virtual RAID. Then those components of that reverse RAID can be processed like real objects. They can be viewed, edited, imaged, copied to physical drives, etc. This technique also can re-construct data on the real parents of a virtual RAID, on a missing disk, for example.

- R-Studio might freeze when analyzing file systems with cyclic cross-links. Fixed.
- R-Studio didn’t deliver any messages when it didn’t find any offset while detecting RAID parameters. Fixed.
- R-Studio could connect to the same remote computer many times with multiple display on the Drives panel. Fixed.
- R-Studio didn’t send block size of a detected RAID to the RAID parents window. Fixed.
- Incorrect behavior of the RAID Sequences window. Fixed.
- R-Studio didn’t warn its user that is was going to overwrite an existing scan info or image file. Fixed.
- The Hexadecimal editor might freeze after an I/O error. Fixed.
- Some cosmetic bugfixes.

R-Studio 7.0.154111 Tue Sep 24, 2013
Maintenance release

R-Studio 7.0.154109 Thu Sep 19, 2013
New features:
+ Automatic RAID parameter recognition. R-Studio can recognize all RAID parameters for RAID 5 and 6. This feature helps the user to solve one of the most difficult problems in RAID recovery - RAID parameter recognition.
+ Support for parity delays in all applicable RAID layouts.

* Enhanced parity delay controls.

R-Studio 6.3 build 154025 Thu Aug 15, 2013
- R-Studio might crash when re-enumerating files on large partitions. Fixed.
- R-Studio might write an incorrect message "Enumeration of files... failed” to the log file even when partitions with large number of files were successfully opened. Fixed.
- R-Studio might add an incorrect file extensions to the file name when the image type was switched to "Byte to byte image". Fixed.
- R-Studio might save default file paths when the path selection dialog box was closed using the Cancel button. (Only with successful save should.) Fixed.
- R-Studio might automatically generate an incorrect netmask on the Connect to remote dialog box. Fixed.
- R-Studio might incorrectly the state of the Show legend command. Fixed.
- Crashes when finishing the program. Fixed.
- An incorrect disk size on the Drives Copy Wizard. Fixed.
- Drives Copy Wizard sometimes couldn't copy partitions. Fixed
- Read-only folders might be shown when selecting places to save files. Fixed.
- R-Studio always showed empty folders regardless of whether Show empty folders was enabled/disabled on the File Mask dialog box. Fixed.
- R-Studio showed folders even when Look at: Folders was disabled. Fixed.
- Possible crashes when virtual RAIDs were created from other virtual RAIDs. Fixed.
- Incorrect log messages might appear when connecting multi-part image files. Fixed.
- Crashes when detecting cyclic symlinks and hardlinks. Fixed.
- Incorrect value for Memory size on the Options dialog box. Fixed.
- R-Studio showed incorrect user's data (MB, GB) when editing the Memory size field on the Settings/Memory tab. Fixed.
- The password dialog box didn't show that the CapsLock key was on. Fixed.

R-Studio 6.3.153957 Sat Apr 27, 2013
New features:
+ Support for new RAID levels: RAID10 (1+0), RAID1E, RAID5E, RAID5EE, RAID6E.

- Incorrect information display on the RAID consistency check window. Fixed.
- The Forensic Log Settings dialog box didn't appear when the Recover All Files command was executed. Fixed.
- R-Studio might show incorrect info about file sizes and number o folders. Fixed.
- R-Studio might show incorrect number of marked files and their sizes. Fixed.
- Elements in a folder marked on the Folders panel weren't marked until mouse was brought to the Contents panel. Fixed.
- R-Studio might assign an incorrect default file extension for a disk image file on a remote computer. Fixed.
- R-Studio didn't mark / unmark files in the Metafiles folder from the Find/Mark dialog box. Fixed.
- Several cosmetic bugfixes.

R-Studio 6.2 build 153617 Thu Feb 21
New features:
+ Support for ReFS (Resilient File System), a new local file system Microsoft introduced in its Windows 2012 Server.
+ Support for Windows 2012 Server OS.
+ R-Studio Technician: Integration with DeepSpar Disk Imager, a professional HDD imaging device specifically built for data recovery from hard drives with hardware issues. Such integration provides R-Studio with a low-level fine-tuned access to drives with a certain level of hardware malfunction. Moreover, it allows disk imaging and analyzing be performed simultaneously. That is, any sector R-Studio accesses on the source disk will be immediately copied to a clone disk and any other data recovery operation will be made from that clone disk avoiding further deterioration of the source disk and great reduction in processing time. Read more on Integration with Hard Drive Recovery Hardware.

- When a file recovery list was loaded, no files were marked for recovery. Fixed.
- R-Studio crashed when a user's RAID layout file was loaded. Fixed.
- R-Studio crashed when the RAID layout was set to Custom. Fixed.
- The command Check RAID consistency might be randomly active or inactive for the same RAID layout.

R-Studio 6.1.153547 Thu Dec 27, 2012
New features:
+ A new file previewer that supports additional file formats: Adobe Acrobat pdf, Microsoft Office documents doc, xls, ppt (Office 97-2003), docx, xlsx, pptx.

- R-Studio might incorrectly create, edit, and process user's Known File Types. Fixed.
- R-Studio might crash when creating a file system snapshot. Fixed.
- The Do you want to remove loaded File Type Definitions right now? message might appear when some settings were changed on the Main tab of the Settings dialog box. Fixed.
- R-Studio might incorrectly load and save RAID description files. Fixed.
- R-Studio might freeze when creating and deleteing a virtual RAID object. Fixed.
- During object copy it was sometimes impossible to enlarge / reduce object size. Fixed.
- File Previewer didn’t show non-Latin characters in file names. Fixed.
- Sometimes scan info wasn’t saved together with the image file. Fixed.
- The same image (rdr) could be opened multiple times. Fixed.
- The option Recover real folder structure was active when files were sorted by their real structure. Fixed.
- The command Create Image was active for opened images. Fixed.
- When the shortcut menu command Refresh was executed on the first panel, recognized partitions might appear, and they even could be scanned. Fixed.
- The shortcut menu command Close All Previews was active when all preview instances were closed using the closed button. Fixed.
- Several cosmetic bugs are fixed.

R-Studio 6.1.152028 Thu Aug 02, 2012
- Sometimes R-Studio might freeze when enumerating files. Fixed.
- An incorrect file path like C:My Documents was treated incorrectly. Fixed.
- File paths might be stored incorrectly. Fixed.
- Sometimes R-Studio might save recovered files to its local folder.
- R-Studio Help might crash during language change on-the-fly.

R-Studio 6.1.152012 Fri Jul 20, 2012
New features:
+ Support for RAID5 with parity delays often used in HP servers.
+ R-Studio Agent for Linux.

* Almost all R-Studio's files can be saved to and load from, a remote
* R-Studio stores the name and path to the file stored on the remote computer.
* When a file name is stored, R-Studio inserts the line end marks depending on the OS.

- Not all paths were stored after restart. Fixed.
- Some bugfixes in localizations.

R-Studio 6.0 Build 151275 Thu Jun 07, 2012
New features:
+ Simultaneous image creation and scan. Now R-Studio can create an image and simultaneously scan the data being copied. In this case R-Studio creates two files stored at the same place: an image file and file with the scan info.
+ File Recovery Lists: lists of files found on disks that can be exported out of R-Studio, manually edited, than imported back, and files from those lists will be automatically marked for recovery. Such lists are very useful if you want someone who is far away to decide which files are to recover and which aren’t to.
+ RAID consistency check: you may check whether the parity blocks on a RAID are valid.
+ Image and scan info files may be saved on and load from, remote computers. This helps R-Studio to avoid transferring large data volumes over network during network recovery.

* R-Studio processes HFS and FAT file systems much faster.
* R-Studio processes Known File Types much faster.

- Sometimes, R-Studio might crash during disk scan. Fixed.
- Some bugs in the Region and Exclusive Region dialog boxes are fixed.
- On the Find/Mark and File Mask dialog boxes, it was possible to enter inconsistent data interval into the between field. Fixed.

R-Studio 5.4.134580 Feb 21, 2012
* Improved processing of hard links in ExtFS which makes recognition of the file/folder structure more accurate.

R-Studio 5.4.134577 Feb 12, 2012
* HFS processing now is much faster.
* Scan of large disks is improved. Now R-Studio can process 2^64 elements rather than 2^32 as in previous versions. This prevents R-Studio from locking while analyzing disks with huge numbers of files.

- The Device Property Tab might not always show correct values when an element was changed in Property View. Fixed.
- Values in Property View might not be shown correctly. Fixed.
- The Wait dialog box might sometimes truncate long strings. Fixed.
- The Recover dialog box might incorrectly show file paths for saved files during network recovery. Fixed.

R-Studio 5.4 build 134372 Nov 08, 2011
* Now it’s possible to edit a disk with 2^63 sectors (previously it was 2^32).

- If a single address without a mask was specified on the Connect dialog box, the Wait button was grayed out. Fixed.
- Some signatures were shown incorrectly in the file type editor. Fixed.
- Element sizes were not re-set when a localization language was changed. Fixed.
- Long paths for recovered files were incorrectly displayed in the Wait dialog box. Fixed.
- Several small internal and cosmetic bugfixes

R-Studio 5.4 build 134265 Sep 30, 2011
* The GUI language can be changed on-the-fly.

- The Wait dialog box could incorrectly show file names during their recovery. Fixed.
- The GUI known file type editor could save several signatures as fffff. Fixed.
- Some small interface bugs.

R-Studio 5.4 build 134259 Aug 25, 2011
New features
+ The Spanish language for GUI and Help.

* R-Studio now deletes dot and space at the end of the names of recovered files and folders. Windows Explorer and many other programs cannot open such files. They can be opened only if they are opened using their URI (The full path started with //).

- Connect to Remote might not work properly sometimes. Fixed.
- Sometimes R-Studio could freeze while scanning. Fixed.
- Some bugs are fixed in the module loading Known File Types and RAID description files.

R-Studio 5.4 build 134130 Jul 20, 2011
* Explicit specification of any IP address for incoming connections.

- Corrections in the French localization.
- Possible crashes during scan and opening of files.
- Search might not work is some parameters are entered into the Find/Mark dialog box. Fixed.
- A bug when the Extension и Description fields were edited in the Edit User's File Types dialog box. Fixed.
- An image file might not be saved on a FAT32 disk if Image split size Fixed on the Create Image dialog box is selected as 4Gb FAT32. Fixed.

R-Studio v5.4 build 134114 May 04, 2011
New features
+ Multilanguage support for GUI and help is added.
+ Exclusive region object is added. (A region with some areas that are excluded from disk operations). A very useful feature if there is an area (or areas) with bad sectors on a hard drive. Exclusive regions are editable.

* Better file system parsing to eliminate duplicate file records.
* Regions can now be edited.
* Data parameters in dialog boxes can now be edited in bytes and sectors.
* Logical disks can be locked/unlocked to save changes to those disks under Windows 7.
* Objects can now be added to RAIDs from a shortcut menu on the Drives panel.
* Search for the next file can be performed with all “Look in” variants.

- Already scanned objects could be shown incorrectly if scan had been interrupted or the disk hadn’t been completely scanned. Fixed.
- R-Studio could sometimes crash while searching for files. Fixed.
- R-Studio could freeze if an empty mask was specified in File view. Fixed.
- R-Studio didn’t mark/unmark matched files if a file was selected on the Contents panel. Fixed.
- There was a very strange default date (09/14/1752) on the File Mask (Advanced) dialog box. Fixed.
- Text/hexadecimal editor: There was impossible to insert data from a file with non-Latin characters. Fixed.
- Several small internal and cosmetic bugs are fixed.

R-Studio v5.3 build 133533 Feb 24, 2011
- Sometimes R-Studio didn’t find the end of the file using its end signature. Fixed.
- When an incomplete Scan Info is loaded for an object, the Scan dialog tried to re-scan the entire object rather than its un-scanned areas, which required a manual adjustment in the Advanced mode of the Scan dialog. Fixed.
- Sometimes log information might be lost. Fixed

R-Studio v5.3 builds 133519 Feb 12, 2011
* Parsing of ExtFS is completely re-designed for much better performance.
* Work with FAT is improved.

- The progress bar showed the progress only for the current file recovery. Fixed.
- Empty fields on the Connect dialog box can now be correctly handled when waiting a connection from a remote computer.
- The RAID module could crash when some parameters were edited. Fixed.
- Some bugfixes in data representation in Scan info display.
- The pre-viewer could start at the background. Fixed.
- Sometimes duplicate file records were not always deleted. Fixed.

R-Studio v5.3 build 132961 Nov 09, 2010
* Reconstruction of the NTFS file system is greatly improved.

- There were some bugs in the exFAT reconstruction algorithm. Fixed.
- Scan Info Map was re-drawn several times. Fixed.
- R-Studio showed the estimated time for several actions incorrectly. Fixed.
- File recovery progress was shown incorrectly. Fixed.
- Several operations couldn't be stopped using the Stop button. Fixed.
- Empty folders were not unmarked during the Recovery Marked action. Fixed.
- The Recover metafiles option couldn't be selected on the Recovery dialog box, if the Metafiles folder wasn't selected. Fixed.
- R-Studio crashed if an invalid computer address was entered into the Computer field on the Connect to Remote dialog box. Fixed.
- The Wait dialog box didn't show the overall recovery progress. Fixed.
- R-Studio crashed if Clear Log was opened on the shortcut menu when the Wait dialog box finished working and the log was enabled. Fixed.

R-Studio v5.3 Build 132958 Oct 18, 2010
New features:
+ BlockSize on the Properties tab can now be explicitly specified (rather than selected among predefined values).
+ Names for more folders can be recovered. Previously they would have received names like $$$FolderXXXX.

* The graphic representation shows scan results more accurately.

- It was impossible to recover any metafile if the Recover metafiles option on the Recovery dialog box was not selected, even when the metafile was specifically marked for recovery. Fixed.
- Modification time wasn’t recovered for a folder. Fixed.
- Some small internal bugfixes.

R-Studio v5.3 Build 132947 Oct 07, 2010
New features:
+ A connection can be established either from R-Studio to R-Studio Agent, or from R-Studio Agent to R-Studio. This allows R-Studio to traverse NAT/firewall when recovering data over Internet. HTTP tunneling is used when necessary.
+ Improved scanning for NTFS partitions.
+ Improved scanning for FAT partitions.
+ Improved progress bar. It shows the progress for an individual file being recovered and overall recovery process, elapsed and remaining time, and recovery log.

* If a network computer is selected as a place to store recovered files (an UNC path is specified), a login dialog appears if necessary.
* Scan info view mode is stored for each disk.
* If scan info is about to change, R-Studio asks the user to save it before the change takes place.
* The pop-up window with the list of file systems on the Scan dialog box doesn’t disappear until all necessary file systems are marked.

= R-Studio now stores its settings in the USER_APPDATA\R-TT\R-Studio\settings.ini file.

- Commands on the shortcut menu on the Find Results panel didn’t work properly when file sorting has been changed. Fixed.
- Sometimes the Finish button was inactive on the Drive Copy wizard. Fixed.
- An incorrect slash character (\) was used in paths for image files. Fixed (changed to /).
- Scan progress indicator worked incorrectly. Fixed.
Text/hexadecimal editor:
- When copying selected elements, one next element was also copied. Fixed.
- If no paths for User's Text/hexadecimal editor templates were specified on the Settings -> Main panel, R-Studio tried to load any xml file from the user’s setting folder. Fixed.

R-Studio v5.2 Build 130729 Aug 09, 2010
* When recovered files are saved to a network share, R-Studio prompts for a password if the share cannot be opened under the user's login and password.
* R-Studio warns the user when unsaved scan info is going to change, as a result of a new scan, for example.

- The Save to File field could be marked as invalid even if this option was disabled. Fixed.
- The progress bar wasn't working on the Connect to Remote dialog box when R-Studio couldn't connect to the specified remote computer. Fixed.
- File operations in the Find results pane were performed on wrong files if the user switched to other lower panes.
- Sometimes an incorrect size of the scan area appeared on the Scan dialog box during successive scans. Fixed.
- R-Studio tried to load user's RAID layout and Known File Types files with default names, even they didn't existed. Fixed.

R-Studio v5.2 Build 130723 Jul 29, 2010
* The Synchronize offset button in the RAID control is added. It enables the user to set the same RAID offset value for all RAID components by clicking one button.
* Text/hexadecimal editor displays a log message when a new template is loaded.

= The Delete Scan Information command is changed to Remove Scan Information.

- The About item on the Help menu didn't changed after a successful registration of a demo version until a program restart. Fixed.
- Sometimes there was no information in the right pane Properties about an element of the Virtual Volume sets and RAIDs tree. Fixed.
- Sometimes a bug appeared when tabs of the right panel of an element of the Virtual Volume sets and RAIDs tree were switched. Fixed.
- The Wait message couldn't be stopped. Fixed.
- When the user tried to save some info or saved files to a non-existing logical disk, a prompt to create a new folder appeared. Fixed.
- Incorrect information was written to the log when creation of FS Snap Shot was canceled.
- The Preview command on the Find Results panel was active for folders. Fixed.
- There were errors in the Wait dialog box for connecting to a remote computer. Fixed.
- When data was saved in Text/hexadecimal editor to a binary file, incorrect information was written to the log. Fixed.
- Large data could not be copied through the clipboard in Text/hexadecimal editor. Fixed. The upper limit size for copying is 1 MB.
- It was impossible to copy one element in Text/hexadecimal editor, only at least two. Fixed.
- The Tools/Select command in Text/hexadecimal editor didn't work. Fixed.

R-Studio v5.2 Build 130695 Mar 26, 2010
* The legend in the Raid control hides automatically if there is not enough space for more important elements.
* A new folder/file path widget is added.
* Validation for folder/file paths is improved where it applicable.
* Text/hexadecimal editor: hints are added to the status bar for the Stop and Auto flow buttons
* Text/hexadecimal editor: Data view pane is better displayed.
* Menu items belonging to inactive panels are blocked.
* A confirmation message for deleting a remote computer contains now the name of the computer to be deleted.
* File names in the Forensic Log dialog box are checked for their consistency.
* Characters entered into the Rename and change all invalid symbols to field are checked for their consistency.

= Existing image files are re-written in the image file creation task rather than in the image file creation dialog box.
= The Recover dialog box requires that the path for recovered files be full.

- It was possible to enter 0MB and 0GB into the Size field on the Scan dialog box and start scanning. Fixed.
- When files were marked on the Find Results panel using the Mark command on the shortcut menu, the files were not immediately marked. Fixed.
- When the RAID control was resized, some internal controls might have invalid sizes. Fixed.
- If an image file is to be overwritten, no warning was shown and the files was overwritten. Fixed.
- Scan progress was not shown in the Simple mode. Fixed.
- There was no warning message if an incorrect path for recovered files was entered into the Output folder field on the Recover dialog box.
- The Remote Computer radio button appeared on the Recover dialog box when files from an open *.arc image file were saved. Fixed.
- The Open Image File dialog box (instead of the Save Image File one) appeared when an image file was to be saved. Fixed.
- If a file extension was removed on the Create Image dialog box, the file extension was not added automatically when the file type was changed. Fixed.
- There were errors when valid XML files were loaded. Fixed.
- An empty error message appeared when any value was completely deleted on the Properties pane in the debug mode. Fixed.
- File recovery errors were logged two times. Fixed.
- Text/hexadecimal editor could be opened from the Scan Information panel while scanning. Fixed.

Text/hexadecimal editor:
- Data was edited incorrectly outside 32-bit offsets.
- The Tools/Enable Write menu was active when read-only files (or files on CD discs) were opened. Fixed.
- Files not always could be changed. Fixed.
- Corrections in searches for template signatures.
- Corrections in jumps to the position necessary to display data when a template parameter is clicked.
- Corrections in jumps to the position displayed in Template offset on the Templates pane.

R-Studio v5.2 Build 130692 Mar 11, 2010
- Text/hexadecimal editor didn't write data beyond the 2**32 boundary. Fixed.

R-Studio v5.2 Build 130690 Mar 06, 2010
New features:
+ In-place saving of recovered files on a remote computer. When recovering data on a remote computer over network, R-Studio can now save recovered files on another disk of the same remote computer, on an external USB hard drive, for example. Moreover, such remote computer can be connected to the Internet rather than to a local network. This feature is especially useful for data recovery technicians and corporations who can now serve their clients truly remotely over the Internet and do not need to transfer large volumes of data over network. In addition, files recovered from a remote compute can be saved on a local computer or on another internet-connected remote computer with R-Studio Agent running.
+ Forensic mode (Technician version only). In this mode R-Studio generates a forensic data collection audit log that can be presented at court hearings. This log includes information about a hardware configuration on which the forensic data collection takes place and MD5 for recovered files.
+ Clickable links in Text/hexadecimal editor. Those links provide direct jumps to important parts of objects being analyzed and edited.

* The file recovery over network is optimized to make it faster.
* More recovery statistics is added to Log.
* R-Studio constantly updates marked file statistics while recovering files.
* The RAID View top hint can be hidden to save extra space in low resolution environments
* Search performance is improved in Text/Hexadecimal editor.
* Data validators are added to many dialog boxes.

= When remote computers are connected, the Recover dialog is changed to reflect the new network file recovery features.
= If Restore from root is not selected, R-Studio creates the recovered folder structure starting from the folders below the lowest common folder.
= All log files are saved using the UTF-8 encoding.

- Recognized partitions are removed from the destination device tree in Drive Copy Wizard.
- Sometimes R-Studio might crash after a disk scan (Windows Vista and Server 2008 were especially affected). Fixed.
- Sometimes R-Studio might crash when files were recovered from FAT32 under Windows XP. Fixed.
- Sometimes R-Studio might crash when recovering files with bad sectors if Skip files with bad sectors was selected. Fixed.
- Sometimes the There is not enough space on the disk message might appear when recovered files were saved to a flash or network drive. Fixed.
- Scan information might disappear after switching to another tab on Property View and switching back to the Scan Information tab. Fixed.
- Sometimes R-Studio unexpectedly might stop searching for files. Fixed.
- Sometimes Open Drive Files showed no files. Fixed
- Sector size was incorrectly displayed on the Properties panel if View as sectors was selected. Fixed.
- Multiple cosmetic bugs are fixed.
Text/hexadecimal editor:
- Multiple bugs are fixed in the Search process. That includes search parameter handling, unexpected search stops, the Continue Find command didn't work in the Find Results panel, and many others.
- Cursor might be placed incorrectly when its position was changed. Fixed.
- There was no warning if an out-of-range value was entered into the Go filed. Fixed.
- The Copy command worked incorrectly. Fixed.
- Data was incorrectly displayed when the ANSI, OEM, UNICODE, UNICODE+ columns were turned on/off. Fixed.
- Copying of large amount of data was incorrect. Fixed.
- An area was selected if Shift-F3 were used during a search. Fixed.

R-Studio v5.1 Build 130037 Dec 17, 2009
New features:
+ A name of a remote computer as now shown as a label in the Drives pane.
+ A confirmation is required to delete a node in the Drives pane
+ Some headers are resizable (Bookmarks view, Scan Information dialog, Scan Dialog Advanced)
+ Now the log shows the number of successfully unsuccessfully recovered files.

* Text/hexadecimal editor: Both text and binary data are copied now.

= An internal XML parser works correctly with the UTF-8 encoding.
= Text/hexadecimal editor: The Find Results pane is changed.
= FS snapshots can be created for recognized partitions.

- Invalid characters can now be edited in the Broken file name dialog box.
- Files with bad sectors are correctly recovered now.
- Actions in the Find Results pane are disabled now when some other tasks are being performed.
- R-Studio now recovers files under Windows 98.
- Command states (Enabled/disabled) are now updated in the menu.
- Extra found files and Recognized partitions are removed from the Copy to… wizard.
- No more possible crashes during scan progress display.
- Text/hexadecimal editor: No more crashes when no fill pattern is specified in the Fill dialog box.
- Text/hexadecimal editor: The MFT file record template works now correctly.
- Text/hexadecimal editor: The Save changes button works now after a Copy/Paste operation.
- Some other minor bugfixes.

R-Studio v5.1 Build 130031 Nov 18, 2009
* Command-line: support is added for the -log & -flush commands.
* The "None" mode of scan progress indication is added to the scan dialog box to completely disable the scan view
* The Task progress bar is now shown only in status bar of the task window allowing the user to continue working with R-Studio
* Image creation time is added to the log

* Text/HexadecimalEditor:an HDD serial number is displayed on the window title
* Text/HexadecimalEditor: a path to the Text/HexadecimalEditor templates are added to the Settings dialog box
* Text/HexadecimalEditor: the layout of the Find dialog box is improved.
* Text/HexadecimalEditor: the MFT File record template is improved (additional checks are added).
* Text/HexadecimalEditor: the optimal number of digits for offsets formatting is calculated.
* The CPU power consumption is lowered for the display progress bar to give more CPU power to task process.
* Meaningless drive actions for Recognized partitions are disabled
* The detailed view mode for Scan Information view is selected after loading scan information from a file

= The Find/Mark and Mask dialog box layouts are changed: the Advanced tab is replaced by the Advanced button
= Scan Information view is changed to handle and display more scan information more optimally

- The file system statistics are correctly displayed after a File Mask is set
- Existing Recognized partitions and Extra Found Files do not disappear when a drive scan is started again
- The Rescan Folder action now appears on the Contents pane
- Drive Copy Wizard: "Object can not be copied to itself" error message is fixed when no drives selected is fixed
- RAIDs: the custom RAID sequences dialog visibility bug is fixed
- The Recover Dialog->Advanced->File Already Exists setting bug is fixed when Overwrite is selected
- The connection bug when connecting with a remote agent is fixed
- If a invalid Known File Types file is specified, R-Studio does not use settings from the previous file anymore
- Now R-Studio correctly merges scan results from multiple scans
- Virtual FS files Preview and View/Edit actions are fixed
- The file name selection dialog is now closable
- RAIDs: Disable Locate for Missing disk is fixed
- Editing of values out of range in Drives Copy Wizard is fixed
- Text/HexadecimalEditor: set disk property tree editing is fixed
- Text/HexadecimalEditor: double click on find results is fixed
- Text/HexadecimalEditor: Find template task progress message is fixed
- Text/HexadecimalEditor: Pattern Editor is fixed: ANSI field conversions is fixed.
- Text/HexadecimalEditor: The space in the feature attribute of file type signature definition is now allowed
- Text/HexadecimalEditor: the bug with cursor positioning in the Text view mode is fixed
- Text/HexadecimalEditor: the current offset is used when showing Select dialog
- Text/HexadecimalEditor: display for data view is fixed (the last byte in row was not visible)

R-Studio v5.1 Build 130016 Oct 12, 2009
- R-Studio now correctly processes chained cross-linked folders when file masks are applied.
- R-Studio Agent now correctly processes multiple clicks on the Scan - Stop buttons.
- Some cosmetic bugs are fixed.

R-Studio v5.1 Build 130015 Oct 06, 2009
1. Sometimes R-Studio didn't open the FileTypes.xml file.
2. Sometimes R-Studio crashed when analyzing FAT partitions with a large number of chained cross-linked folders.
3. The Goto Target and Goto Crosslined command are fixed. Sometimes if the folders were not shown, R-Studio didn't jump to them.

R-Studio v5.1 Build 130010 Sep 28, 2009
- Possible bugs in processing very large volumes (4TB+).
- Drive View didn't display HDD serial number.
- Default incorrect sorting in DriveView (partitions, logical disks, and empty spaces were sorted separately.
- Some possible crashes.

R-Studio v5.1 Build 130009 Sep 23, 2009
+ Support for exFAT and Ext4 FS file systems.
+ The main data recovery actions (Recover, Mark, Preview) can now be performed from the Find Results panel.
+ Messages explaining errors in RAID parameters are added to the RAID reconstruction module.
+ Recovery of attributes and alternative data streams for folders are added.

* Improved processing of FAT partitions.
* If there are cross-linked folders with the same name in one folder, only one folder will be shown.
* Known File Types can be specified for a single scan session without changing default settings.
* The Select All and Clear All buttons are added to the Settings -> File Types tab.
* Scanning for known file types is enhanced.
* New widgets for drive size specification are added.
* Enhanced representation and selection for logical disks/partitions on a drive, their properties can be edited.
* There is no default path when the Recover dialog box is called at the first time.
* The address of the cursor position is specified in the Range from field on the Fill dialog box.
* Files being recovered on the fly, for which parent folders cannot be found, are saved to temporal folders ($$$Folder...).

- Recovery of large files (+4GB) is fixed.
- Sometimes R-Studio stopped scanning and image creation after the first bad sector.
- In some cases R-Studio didn't show content in folders on FAT partitions for which there were cross-linked folders.
- Sometimes R-Studio stopped scanning and image creation after the first bad sector.
- ScrollBar was incorrectly positioned in HexEditor when a window was opened for a parent object.
- The property tree shrank when a drive was selected.
- Now it is possible to register R-Studio during data recovery. Earlier the registration process stopped file recovery.
- Mark did not worked in Extra Found Files.
- R-Studio now releases memory correctly after the Preview process.
- When a position was changed in Text/hexadecimal editor, the Data Interpreter tree shrunk.
- Artifacts are not displayed anymore in the Text/hexadecimal editor layout when panels are hidden while switching from the DataView mode to the TextView mode.
- MFT File Record template is now appears in the Text/hexadecimal editor.
- Rows/columns are displayed more accurately under certain window sizes in Text/hexadecimal editor.
- The folder icon is corrected in Windows 7.
- Some small internal bugs.

R-Studio v5.0 Build 129021 Sep 10, 2009
* Better processing of FAT partitions.
* If there are cross-linked folders with the same name in one folder, only one folder will be shown.

- Sometimes R-Studio stopped scanning and image creation after the first bad sector.
- In some cases for FAT partitions R-Studio didn't show content in folders for which there were cross-linked folders.
- ScrollBar was incorrectly positioned in HexEditor when a window was opened for a parent object

R-Studio v5.0 Build 129019 Sep 03, 2009
New features:
+ The Recover, Mark, Preview items are added on the Find Results shortcut menu
+ The Select All and Clear All buttons are added to the Settings > File Types tab
+ Messages explaining errors in RAID parameters are added to the RAID reconstruction module.
+ Recovery of attributes and alternative data streams for folders are added.

* New widgets for drive size specification are added
* Enhanced representation and selection for logical disks/partitions on a drive, their properties can be edited.
* There is no default path when the Recover dialog box is called at the first time.
* The address of the cursor position is specified in the Range from field on the Fill dialog box.
* Files being recovered on the fly, for which parent folders cannot be found, are saved to temporal folders ($$$Folder...)

- The property tree shrank when a drive was selected.
- Now it is possible to register R-Studio during data recovery. Earlier the registration process stopped file recovery.
- Mark did not worked in Extra Found Files
- Now R-Studio releases memory correctly after the Preview process.
- When a position was changed in HexVew, the Data Interpreter tree shrunk.
- Artifacts are not displayed anymore in the HexView layout when panels are hidden while switching from the DataView mode to the TextView mode.
- MFT File Record template is now appears in the Text/hexadecimal editor
- Rows/columns are displayed more accurately under certain window sizes in HexVew.
- The folder icon is corrected in Windows

R-Studio v5.0 Build 1290121 Aug 16, 2009
* Scanning for known file types is enhanced

- R-Studio Emergency GUI did not saved recovered files in some case

R-Studio 4.6 Build 127535 Tue Jan 20, 2009
+ Mark files up from the current folder
+ Support for digital camera raw images for: Canon,Fuji,Minolta,Nikon,Olympus,Sony,Sigma

= Mark/Unmark algorithm

- Enable Write is saved
- Incorrect logging for second file recovery
- Files were not sorted if other sorting is opened
- The main window size was not kept
- Sometimes the Copy to clipboard command was not active
- Work with user's Known File Types

R-Studio 4.6 Builds 127531 Dec 30, 2008
- A number of bugs in file finding/marking
- Some small bugs

R-Studio 4.6 Build 127529 Dec 11, 2008
= The Set for all drives button replaced the Use the value for all drives checkbox on the Settings -> Bad sectors panel

- Corrected word Confirmations on the Settings menu
- Crashes sometimes happened when all items in Known Files Types were selected
- It was possible to create several dialogs for the file recovery path on the Recover dialog box
- The I/O tries property might become read-only when the Debug mode was disabled.
- Several GUI bugs

R-Studio 4.6 Build 127528 Dec 07, 2008
= Physical drives are sorted by their numbers

- Some crashes under Windows 98
- Some small bug fixes

R-Studio 4.6 Build 127527 Dec 04, 2008
+ Default code page settings for the HFS file system on the Options dialog
+ The Size, Creation time, etc, columns can be hidden/visible.

= Now virtual RAIDs are placed to the Virtual Volume Sets and RAIDs folder,
existing RAIDs placed in the System Sets and RAIDs folder.
= Parents of LDM Volumes are now placed in the LDM Components
= The Parents tab for a Virtual RAID is renamed to RAID Structure.
= Dialog Find/Mark: File Mask was renamed to Files

- If a disk tab was opened and the file system parameters changed, the file
system were not rebuilt automatically when the tab was opened. The user had
to click Refresh.
- When the Show Drive Files command was selected with an opened tab for that
disk showing files sorted anyhow but Real FS, a new disk tab was opened.
- A file for the Byte to byte (*.dsk) image could be opened multiple times,
there was no message that it had been opened , the same as for the *.arc
- The "Close All previews" command remained active when the previewer was
closed when it was analyzing the file type.
- layout was stored incorrectly when the application was scaled to the full
- An activated Open\Create File dialog (Create Image file, Scan, Log
Settings) did not prevent from activating its parent dialogs which resulted
in the possibility to create several copies of the Open\Create File dialog.
- Non-existing folders were not created automatically during saving image
files, log files, scan information files. That is, a file could be created
only in an existing folder.
- If there was a dot in the file path, the default extension was not added
to the file name.
- Conversion of localized file names is fixed for HFS. There was no such
problem for HFS+.
- Physical drives sorting fixed

R-Studio: build 127524 Nov 17, 2008
+ Tabs Sorted By in File View

* Sometimes the file system was re-scanned after file recovery.
* The byte by byte images contained some auxiliary data.
* Recover All Files worked incorrectly if Recover Metafiles was not selected
* R-Studio sometimes crashed when the legend was shown during scanning
* The items on the Show Files Sorted by menu remained active during file recovery.
* If the Cancel button was clicked while opening a password-protected image file saved in the RDI format, the incorrect message Cannot open image file. Invalid password. appeared.
* Extra Found Files were opened when another disk was scanned.
* Incorrect estimation of RAM size for some hardware configurations.
* The Scroll Right button in the top right corner of the active Drive view tab worked incorrectly when a large number of disk tabs were opened.
* Occasional incorrect estimation of Estimated size for compressed imaged.
* Occasional incorrect behavior of horizontal scroll control in TextView under vertical scrolling.
* Some small bugs