R-Studio v5.1 Build 130009

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R-Studio v5.1 Build 130009

Post by R-tt Team » Wed Sep 23, 2009 10:19 am

New version of R-Studio(v5.1) is available for download.
Compared with R-Studio v5.0 Build 129000
+ Support for exFAT and Ext4 FS file systems.
+ The main data recovery actions (Recover, Mark, Preview) can now be performed from the Find Results panel.
+ Messages explaining errors in RAID parameters are added to the RAID reconstruction module.
+ Recovery of attributes and alternative data streams for folders are added.

* Improved processing of FAT partitions.
* If there are cross-linked folders with the same name in one folder, only one folder will be shown.
* Known File Types can be specified for a single scan session without changing default settings.
* The Select All and Clear All buttons are added to the Settings -> File Types tab.
* Scanning for known file types is enhanced.
* New widgets for drive size specification are added.
* Enhanced representation and selection for logical disks/partitions on a drive, their properties can be edited.
* There is no default path when the Recover dialog box is called at the first time.
* The address of the cursor position is specified in the Range from field on the Fill dialog box.
* Files being recovered on the fly, for which parent folders cannot be found, are saved to temporal folders ($$$Folder...).

- Recovery of large files (+4GB) is fixed.
- Sometimes R-Studio stopped scanning and image creation after the first bad sector.
- In some cases R-Studio didn't show content in folders on FAT partitions for which there were cross-linked folders.
- Sometimes R-Studio stopped scanning and image creation after the first bad sector.
- ScrollBar was incorrectly positioned in HexEditor when a window was opened for a parent object.
- The property tree shrank when a drive was selected.
- Now it is possible to register R-Studio during data recovery. Earlier the registration process stopped file recovery.
- Mark did not worked in Extra Found Files.
- R-Studio now releases memory correctly after the Preview process.
- When a position was changed in Text/hexadecimal editor, the Data Interpreter tree shrunk.
- Artifacts are not displayed anymore in the Text/hexadecimal editor layout when panels are hidden while switching from the DataView mode to the TextView mode.
- MFT File Record template is now appears in the Text/hexadecimal editor.
- Rows/columns are displayed more accurately under certain window sizes in Text/hexadecimal editor.
- The folder icon is corrected in Windows 7.
- Some small internal bugs.

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Re: R-Studio v5.1 Build 130009

Post by shinobiyan » Wed Sep 23, 2009 6:38 pm

R-Studio v5.1 Build 130009 32bit Still has problem for MFT File Record template display
my computer
Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.40GHz, 2398 MHz , 503MB RAM Windows XP Pro Build 2600 , Service Pack 2
Open drive file (open one NTFS partition)--Metafile-right click $MFT Select View/Edit
Appear HexView right template windows Select Apply MFT File Record
R-Studio v5.1 Build 130009 32bit program No responsing
Windows task processes Appear dumprep.exe
Other computers 32bit CPU Same problem

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Re: R-Studio v5.1 Build 130009

Post by Alt » Thu Sep 24, 2009 3:29 pm

Please contact our technical support with this problem. Please include a reference to this topic.
I passed the problem to our developers.

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