Agent Emergency & recent Dell Latitudes

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Agent Emergency & recent Dell Latitudes

Post by kager » Thu Sep 24, 2009 12:31 pm

Has anyone had any success in using the bootable ISO image for R-Studio Agent Emergency (RAE) on recent Dell D-series (D630/D830) and E-series (e6400 / e6500) laptops?

The most glaring thing I've noticed is that during the boot process there is a message regarding throttling down an interrupt storm (which may or may not be the main indication of the problem), with the final result that it cannot find a network adapter. No network means no recovery, which renders this option inert for me.

I've tried all RAE bootable ISO versions up to the currently available 4.6 (November 2008). Note that I've had great success using RAE on the older Lat D's (and with their high HDD failure rate, especially on the D600, they should have bundled R-TT software with them!), but it seems that ever since Dell started shipping the Latitudes with TPC / TPM chips, RAE doesn't seem to be able to find the NIC. The D-series is a Broadcom 57xx, E-series is Intel Gbit, so one may surmise that they are fairly common NICs. I'd like to renew my support contract, but without the RSAE bootable CD availing me to the most common use of the product for me, I cannot justify it.

Any guidance or suggestions you may have are greatly appreciated!


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Re: Agent Emergency & recent Dell Latitudes

Post by Alt » Thu Sep 24, 2009 3:27 pm

Please write down all the error messages RAE shows on the screen and contact our technical support. Please include a reference to this topic.
I passed the problem to our developers.

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