Linux software RAID 10 rebuild

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Linux software RAID 10 rebuild

Post by milosn » Thu Sep 29, 2011 8:08 pm

I have a broken RAID 10 that I need to rebuild/reconstruct. It is a Linux software (mdadm) RAID 10, consisting of 3 drives (yes, 3, apparently you can do it in Linux), all drives are in good order. Stripe size is 64k and data distribution is like this:

A1 A1 A2
A2 A3 A3
A4 A4 A5
A5 A6 A6

Meaning you have two identical data stripes on two adjacent drives.

How do I recreate this using Virtual Block RAID in R-Studio? I tried


with both 2 and 4 rows and it didn't work. How many rows do I need to define? Do I ignore repeated block or what? Basically, the way I see it, I need to get a block of data for a disk, skip the block of data from the next disk, get the block from the following disk and so on. Can it be done in R-Studio GUI or I have to create a definition file (the questions are the same - how many rows, do I ignore repeated blocks, etc.)

Any help woud be greatly appreciated